Welcome to the Winter Webinars

The future arrived in a hurry. Over the last five years, architecture had enjoyed sensible trends – a focus on sustainability, green urbanisation and more – that moved at a pace we all could understand and, to a degree, control.

Then the pandemic hit and everything changed. Homes became offices, commercial appeared dated at best and, at worst, dangerous.  Public spaces had different pressures and requirements. Transport networks demanded a rethink.

And all of this impacted architects and your work, from how your operate to what you create. A five-year future is here now.

In the first of our  winter webinars, World Architecture News welcomes three industry leaders to offer insight and predictions about post-pandemic architecture. Among other things, they examine…

  • How to future-proof buildings
  • The importance of 3D printing
  • The renewed sustainability challenge
  • A Covid-secure accreditation strategy

The webinar series kicks off mid-November. If you want to be involved, please contact Simin Bevis on Simin.Bevis@haymarket.com