Meet the judges: Andrea Flores

Each week we’ll interview one of the members of our high-profile judging panel for the World Interior News (WIN) Awards 2023, which includes over 50 of the biggest and best names in the industry.

by Staff writer 16 October 2023

During our interview series the judges will tell us what they are looking out for in a winning entry and why they think you should enter the WIN awards.

Andrea Flores studied design in IED Barcelona and specialized in interior design while working in two of the main design studios in Mexico. After more than eight years she and Lucia Soto formed their own interior design and furniture company, Comite de Proyectos, based in Mexico City. Ever since Andrea has been the chief of interior design for Comite, leading more than 250 projects.


What are you looking out for in a WIN award contender?


Fresh ideas, good solutions and consistency I think are the three basics.

Why should people enter the WIN awards? What are the benefits in your view?


It is a great opportunity to showcase your work. Even if you don’t win the award, if your project is good, judges will be interested in knowing more about you and one never knows where the conversation about your work might end

What attracted you to becoming a judge for the WIN awards?


There are not many interior design focused awards and this is something to consider as other design awards try to cover too many categories. In addition to acknowledging the 13-year track record of the Award.

Tell us about some recent projects you’re proud of:


We recently delivered the Cortile restaurant in Mexico City where we were asked to achieve a warmer space that invites guests to spend more time at the table and I think the result was the right one. Sindicalismo is a small apartment for a couple where we had to make a small space feel as spacious as possible. Lobby was a conceptual space designed for Design Week Mexico 2022.



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