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Blue sky thinking informs futuristic cinema

“A unique and creative design. The abstract representation of the sky and clouds has a futuristic feel that lends itself well to the cinematic function of the building,” Emma Holt, Judge.

Project: Cinesky Cinema Phase Three

Award: Leisure & Entertainment, Cinemas, theatres and music venues, Bronze, 2022

Location: Shenzhen, China

Design practice: One Plus Partnership

Client: Cine Sky Limited

With a design inspired by the sky and clouds, this futuristic cinema is an escapist space removed from reality. In the lobby, blue and white arcs of different spans and curvatures are arranged in a staggered manner across the ceiling, with some arcs extending from the ceiling to the ground, the box office and the coffee bar. The curved surface of the ceiling uses lighter aluminium alloy material to convey a feeling of weightlessness and clouds floating in the sky, while the curved counters are mainly made from stone.

Design highlights 

The stark and striking all-white bathrooms continue the arc shape in the communal basin and mirror area, with various materials. Instead of a door an arc-shaped white gradient glass separates the bathroom and the entrance hallway of the auditorium. The top of the glass is completely transparent whilst the sandblasted effect is developed from the bottom gradually to the top, providing privacy.

Photo credit: Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography

  • LEAD DESIGNERS: Ajax Law, Virginia Lung


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