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Post-industrial park lights up waterfront

“This project demonstrates how to creatively deal with redundant infrastructure in a creative, intelligent and delightful way. A real tour de force,” Heinz Richardson, Judge.

Project: Tank Park

Award: Urban Landscape, Bronze, 2022

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Architect: LandLAB

Client: Eke Panuku

Tank Park creatively transforms an inaccessible industrial setting that was once home to 30 stainless steel builk liquid tanks used to store cooking oils and petro chemicals into a unique space for people of all ages to explore and enjoy.

The dense array of tanks has been reduced with the carefully selected remaining tanks rearranged into several clusters and re-purposed with aperture viewing windows and LED light installations. The Playline is an interactive play park crafted from recycled pipes, taps, valves and new componentry using salvaged industrial components from the site to create an immersive and intimate experience in this waterfront, post -industrial landscape.

The play park includes a light activated swing set as well as sound and water features. A considered palette of soft scaping and trees provide shade relief and counterpoint to the surrounding industrialised elements and wild ecology. A single connecting surface of concrete and stone references the landscape and tanks.

Design highlights

Te Nukuao (The Shelter), was designed in collaboration with LandLAB and mana henua Maori artist Tessa Harris (Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki) to provide shade and shelter.

  • Tank Park
  • Tank Park
  • Tank Park
  • Tank Park
  • Tank Park
  • Tank Park
  • Tank Park
  • Tank Park
  • Tank Park

Photo credit: Sam Hartnett, Ethan Reid

  • LEAD DESIGNERS: Henry Crothers, Ethan Reid, Bela Grimsdale, Greer Carmine, Zihao Wang
    LIGHTING: Switch Lighting

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