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Innovative rail track soars above the city

“A clear and superbly simple and elegant conceptual design for an elevated railway,” Bob Fry, Judge

Project: Elevated Light Rail Track

Award: Future Projects -Transport, Gold, 2023

Location: South Korea

Architect: ZJA

Client: GS E&C and the South Korean Railroad Research Institute (KRRI)

The architects were commissioned by the South Korean Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) to design an economically viable, elegant, sustainable and innovative rail track and came up with an above-ground solution for an Elevated Light Rail System.
Lighter, faster, with a greater capacity and less environmentally polluting than other options, the Light Rail System is a popular means of transport in cities. But the raised horizontal structures, which have previously always stood on closely spaced columns, have a negative visual and spatial impact in already jam-packed cities. This innovative structural concept offers a slim design with a limited construction height, based on the principle of the I-beam profile. Using a central beam between the tracks, with “flanges” cantilevered outwards, makes it possible - even at places where the structure is around fifteen metres high - to extend the distance between columns to 200 metres without the need for extra stays or cables.

Design highlights

Strong, able to retain its shape and – unlike a tubular structure with cutaways – giving passengers a completely open view on one side, the design is characterized by organic lines and curves. The roof has an important structural function in spreading forces; it soars in a waving line that makes the whole structure appear to be floating above the city.

  • Elevated Light Rail Track
  • Elevated Light Rail Track
  • Elevated Light Rail Track
  • Elevated Light Rail Track

Photo credit: ZJA

    IN COLLABORATION WITH: Woosung D&C, Dong-A Engineering and C & SC CO


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