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Retirement community with nostalgic design appeal

“Delivering healthcare on scale is difficult to do while also providing amenities and outdoor landscaped spaces. This project achieves this successfully,” Shankari Raj, Judge

Project: Taikang Community Xiang Garden Stage 1

Award: Healthcare, Silver, 2023

Location: Changsha, China

Architect: Jackson Teece

Client: Taikang Healthcare Investment Holdings

Taikang Community Xiang Garden project is one of a series of flagship Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) located in key cities throughout China. It aspires to create high quality, innovative facilities that support local culture.

The architect’s design ethos draws inspiration from the local landscape and architectural vernacular, establishing a sense of place and cultural connection. The clubhouse, central plaza and connecting walkways feature organically arranged timber colour columns which reference the local Yuelu Mountain forest, integrating the landscape and architecture to blur the interface with the natural environment. The consistent use of familiar materials; including local grey brick and a traditional tile roof construction, acts as a common thread through the design and evokes a sense of nostalgia for the residents.

Design highlights

An engaging “folded roof” form identifies the entry to the site. This “folded roof” connects the collection of main clubhouse buildings which circle the central plaza, activating the heart of the community. The main community club house and plaza are surrounded by smaller satellite communities serviced by secondary clubhouses, breaking down the development into smaller communities resulting in a comfortable walkable development.


  • LEAD ARCHITECT: Daniel Hudson
    ENGINEERING: China CEC Engineering Corporation
    LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Hope Design Interior

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