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Interactive wave-like ceiling for metro station

“The architectural structure is truly remarkable, showcasing a captivating blend of artistic expression through its intricate lighting and suspended curves,” Tiara Hughes, Judge

Project: Shanghai Yu Yuan Metro Station

Award: Transport, Bronze, 2023

Location: Shanghai, China

Architect: XING DESIGN

Client: Shanghai Metro

As the deepest subway station in Shanghai, Yuyuan Station’s walls, columns and floor layers had to follow strict civil engineering codes. Organizing the mechanical and electrical systems while ensuring sufficient height for the station’s terminal proved a significant challenge. Parametric design and BIM technology were adapted to generate forms and optimize the number of non-standard units, to control the cost of mass production and installation. 

The curved wave-like ceiling echoes the Huangpu River and is made up of tens of thousands of aluminium panels, cut, bent and spliced. The waves “beat” onto the columns, rhythmically forming a pulsating arcade.

Design highlights 

The ceiling system is optimized with lighting to form a three-dimensional LED canopy that can present various light effects for different holidays and events, creating an immersive art experience. The lighting system is open to the public to submit colour schemes and art forms to shape the urban public space together.

Photo credit: Su Shengliang (schranimage)

  • LEAD ARCHITECT: Xiong Xing
    DESIGN TEAM: Xiong Xing, Chen Mo, Lin Weiqiao, Ren Meizi, Lei Sheng, Huang Ziai, Hu Hengmo, Lynn Yiyuan, Li Zina, Tang Yimeng, Lu Xueyin, Chi Qingying, Huang Wenxuan
    CONSTRUCTION TEAM: Shanghai Tunnel Engineering & Rail Transit Design and Research Institute

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