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User-friendly landscaped pedestrian bridge

“Beautifully designed pedestrian bridge with elegant lines and elements including gardens and ponds,” Sallye Perrin, Judge

Project: Haixin Bridge

Award: Bridges, Silver, 2023

Location: Guangzhou, China

Architect: Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT Co., Ltd.

Client: Guangzhou Construction Investment and Development Co., Ltd.

This curved-girder, cable-stayed pedestrian bridge spans 198 meters, making it the world's largest in terms of span. Integrating into Guangzhou along the curve of the city axis it forms a vital part of the slow traffic system that conveniently connects the two shores. Its elevations comprise parabolic arches that ensure a smooth transition between the skylines of the two banks.

Its innovative bridge deck design features a varied height profile on either side of the main beam and incorporates flower ponds and observation decks. Two types of pedestrian walkways for both upper and lower levels demonstrate a clever use of space, catering to the needs of pedestrians for passage and sightseeing, and resulting in a distinct spatial texture.

Design highlights

The bridge deck is seamlessly connected to the pedestrian walkway on both sides using a slope, allowing pedestrians to fully immerse themselves in the surrounding scenery. The design includes warm wooden handrails, a non-reflective curtain wall surface to prevent glare, a glare-free lighting design, rounded corners to avoid collisions and mist cooling systems, all of which provide a user-friendly experience for people with disabilities and children.

  • View of Haixin Bridge
  • View of Haixin Bridge
  • View of Haixin Bridge
  • View of Haixin Bridge
  • View of Haixin Bridge
  • View of Haixin Bridge
  • View of Haixin Bridge
  • View of Haixin Bridge

Photo credit: Zhan Changheng, Yao Li, Pei Zejun

  • ARCHITECTS: He Jingtang, Qiu Jianfa, Bao Ying, Pei Zejun, Bao Huanhui, Cheng Xiaofei, Li Kaixin, He Jian, Jiang Yaohui, Chen Muqi, Huang Xueying, Su Hao, Zheng Yang, He Zhongsen, Lin Xianyong, Luo Huiling, Guo Yuanxiang, Shen Xuelong, Wei Ling, Cen Xiaoyun, Ning Pinghua, Tong Kaimin, Le Xiaogang, Hu Huiyong, Zhou Yu, Wang Sheng
    MUNICIPAL AND STRUCTURAL DESIGN: Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.

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