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Riverside spot is ripe for redevelopment

“Diversity of massing and landscape collaborate to create a lot of interest for this new district,” Remi Connolly-Townsend, Judge

Project: Shanghai Golden Bund Masterplan

Award: Future Projects - Master Planning, Bronze, 2023

Location: Shanghai, China

Architect: Benoy

The Golden Bund, located at the intersection of Huangpu River and the Golden Central Development Belt in Shanghai, connects important development zones and serves as the central area for the city’s northern activity zone expansion. The master plan identifies strategic preservation and transformation zones on both sides of the river which will establish a strong foundation for redevelopment. The plan includes the creation of a science and innovation triangle while preserving and revitalizing important historical architecture including the former Hudong Shipyard. The regional road network will be expanded to improve accessibility and the project prioritizes rail transportation by integrating three rail stations within the site.

Design highlights

The masterplan creates a meaningful dialogue between the old shipping culture and modern lifestyles. The plan preserves shipyard heritage sites, integrating them with new construction to create diverse spaces. The goal is to innovate the industrial transformation model while revitalizing the shipyard area with renewed vitality.


Benoy Limited
Hong Kong

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