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Publicly Accessible Interiors

Contemporary museum celebrates chinese design

“Achieves a sense of serenity with a simple yet efficient material palette that allows the art to be the main protagonist,” Koldo Gil, Judge

Project: Suiyue Art

Location: Chengdu,Sichaun,China

Award: Publicly Accessible Interiors, Museums & Galleries, Bronze, 2023

Design Practice: DA INTEGRATING

Client: Sichuan Suiyue Culture and Art Co

The SUIYUE Art Museum, in Chengdu, Sichaun, has undergone an innovative architectural transformation. What was once a dental clinic adorned in European decor has been artistically repurposed by the design team into a striking museum that combines contemporary minimalism with Chinese traditional aesthetics.

Offering a flexible space for diverse art presentations, the museum's design is deeply influenced by the "bamboo" concept, creating a symbolic link with the local community. The exterior showcases a serene white facade, retaining historical elements, while the interior continues the bamboo theme, particularly in the staircase and ceiling light design.

Design highlights 

The innovative use of natural light enhances the atmosphere within. It includes a tearoom inspired by the nuances of light and shadow in a bamboo forest, creating an overlapping functional area. The project demonstrates how contemporary design and traditional motifs can coexist in harmony, contributing to the cultural richness of Chengdu.

  • Suiyue Art
  • Suiyue Art
  • Suiyue Art
  • Suiyue Art
  • Suiyue Art
  • Suiyue Art
  • Suiyue Art
  • Suiyue Art

Photo credit: Su Shengliang

  • DESIGN DIRECTOR: Chinman Ngai
    DESIGN TEAM: Ou Yehua, Zhou Fan, Huang Yongcan, Feng Xueyin
    CONSTRUCTION FIRM: Sichuan Runzhiju Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
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