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Japanese knife shop delivers a sharp design

“A beautiful, crisp and modern design with a unique mix of old detailing,” Nthabi Taukobong, Judge

Project: Kama-Asa Shop

Location: Tokyo,Japan

Award: Retail & Consumer Design Interiors: Independent Shops & Small Chains, Gold, 2023

Design Practice: Kamitopen Co.

Client: Kama-Asa Shop

The Kama-Asa Shop is a knife and kitchen tool shop, originally established in 1908. Its raw and monochromatic redesign is intended to showcase the unique craftsmanship behind the utensils on offer.

The rebar is a stick-shaped rolled steel material formed from irregular nubs called ribs and joints that are used as a building construction material.

As KAMA-ASA Shop’s policy is based on the belief that good tools are made for a good reason, it made sense to showcase the architectural skills of craftsmen in the shop and so the rebar, usually hidden in the wall, became an integral part of the design.

Design highlights

Handrails and furniture were designed to complement the rebar. The knife display shelves are made from railroad ties, expressing the long history of knives that can be used for many years.

  • Inside the KAMA-ASA Shop
  • Inside the KAMA-ASA Shop
  • Inside the KAMA-ASA Shop
  • Inside the KAMA-ASA Shop
  • Inside the KAMA-ASA Shop
  • Inside the KAMA-ASA Shop

Photo credit: Keisuke Miyamoto

  • LEAD DESIGNER: Masahiro Yoshida
    DESIGNER: Yoshie Ishii
    ARCHITECTS: Naganuma Architects Co. Ltd. -Hidemitsu Naganuma
    BRANDING: EIGHT BRANDING DESIGN Co., Ltd. -Akihiro Nishizawa


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