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Hospitality Interiors

Communal living space offers an antidote to loneliness

“A bright and open space that comfortably connects people. A contemporary kind of communal space that was once widespread in China,” Duyi Han, Judge

Project: JOOYU

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Award: Hospitality Interiors: Members’ Clubs, Bronze, 2023

Design Practice: C&C Design Co

Client: Guangzhou Kangcheng Enterprise Management Service Co.

JOOYU offers a range of facilities including a gym and communal spaces for people to interact.  With a calming, fresh and contemporary design, the members' club is part of an apartment building where many young people live alone in small apartments. The club has been designed as a space for these residents to come together. Neutral colours are complemented by terrazzo tiles, metallic paint and a pop of orange.

Design highlights 

The sculpture of a snail walking with a weight in the lobby is intended to represent young people living alone in Guangzhou. Long hours of work, shrinking social circles and weakened family ties have gradually atomized young people who have left home in this Chinese city. Jooyu aims to offer a solution to this situation.

  • JOOYU interior
  • JOOYU interior
  • JOOYU interior
  • JOOYU interior
  • JOOYU interior
  • JOOYU interior
  • JOOYU interior
  • JOOYU interior

    LEAD DESIGNERS: Zeng Qinghao / Ding Qi / Yang Yahui


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