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Spicy design for Thai food HQ

“A dynamic please to socialize with co-workers when you come in from the remote work environment,” Joshua Zinder, Judge.

Project: Exotic Food (XO)

Award: Corporate offices (less than 10,000 sqm)

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Design practice: IF (Integrated Field Co.,Ltd.)

Client: Exotic Food 

The expanded and revamped headquarters for Thai food exporter XO make coming in to the office an exciting and enticing option. The striking workspace features a bold red and black colour palette which is already a strong part of the company’s brand identity amongst customers and staff alike. In playful tribute to the business, a giant- sized hot sauce bottle spills out red liquid which functions as a fun seating area. Bright signage, oversized food labels and rainbow hued lighting all make for a fun and lively, multi-functional space.
The main office space is situated centrally alongside a canteen, bar and amphitheatre, which can accommodate a variety of work-related and recreational activities.

Design highlights

This adaptable office features meeting rooms which can be partitioned or connected into one large conference room. The space outside of the meeting rooms houses a series of small pocket spaces that allow the company to accommodate different groups of visitors at once, while individual phone booths can be used for online meetings. Workspaces are surrounded by windows to allow natural light and offer views of the city and surrounding green space.

{{2022 - U0017 - Exotic Food (XO)}}

Photo credit: Ketsiree Wongwan

  • LEAD DESIGNER: Kanin Manthanachart
    INTERIOR ARCHITECT: IF (Integrated Field Co.,Ltd.)
    LIGHTING DESIGNER: FOS Lighting Design Co., Ltd.
    MAIN CONTRACTOR: Choice Interior
    SIGNAGE CONTRACTOR: D.R. Advertising Company Ltd.

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