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Tiny restaurant makes a big impact

“Small yet perfectly formed and designed,” Koldo Gil, Judge.

Project: Eon Charcoal

Award: Bars and Clubs, Silver, 2022

Location: Shenzhen, China

Design practice: Nature Times Art Design Co. Ltd 

Client: Eon Charcoal

This intimate restaurant provides late-night diners with a warm and cosy place to enjoy yakiniku – Korean style grilled meat. Small, but perfectly formed, the restaurant can only accommodate a dozen people at any one time and is designed to be an emotional shelter for people in the bustling city. Its distinctive louvred façade is made from brick red clay which signals the colour scheme within.

Design highlights 

Inside, warm lighting, including a moon like orb creates an immersive and lively space. Bar style seating is arranged around an open plan food preparation area while a small selection of individual tables line the outside of the room.

  • Eon Charcoal
  • Eon Charcoal
  • Eon Charcoal
  • Eon Charcoal
  • Eon Charcoal
  • Eon Charcoal

Photo credit: SFAP/Shao Feng, EON CHARCOAL

  • LEAD DESIGNERS: Wei Jinjing, Wei Yaocheng, Zhang Huichao
    FURNISHINGS DESIGN: Nature Times Aesthetic Design Co. Ltd PARTICIPATING DESIGNER: Guan Haoyuan Design 
    CONSTRUCTION TEAM: YCWORK, Lao Zhaoqin, Xie Qide, Kong Fansheng 
    VI DESIGN: Sense Team

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