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Hospital renovation is just what the doctor ordered

“The ground floor lobby areas are elegantly designed. The upper floors are modern and colourful,” Jonny Sin, Judge.

Project: Guang-Ci Memorial Hospital

Award: Hospitals and Clinics, Silver, 2022

Location: Shanghai, China

Design practice: SHUISHI

Client: Guang-Ci Memorial Hospital

The transformation of Shanghai Guang-Ci Memorial Hospital prioritises the comfort and well-being of patients and staff alike.
With a history dating back over 100 years, the hospital is located in Sinan Road, a core historical feature protection zone of Shanghai’s Huangpu District. Stemming from L'Hopital Sainte Marie founded in 1907 by the Catholic Church in the French Concession in Shanghai, its dilapidated façade has been restored. The elegant reception area feels more like a hotel lobby than a hospital and includes French design features such as an arched gallery and striking monochrome floor tiles which pay tribute to the building’s heritage. Meanwhile the outpatient area abandons the cold image of traditional hospitals and features natural materials including stone and warm colours to create a relaxing experience for patients.

Design highlights

The anti-aging centre reception area features striking stainless steel and mirrored ceilings, contrasting with the softness of the interiors in the treatment rooms themselves. A multi-functional salon on the top floor can be used by staff and patients and features a conference area and relaxing library space.

  • Guang Ci Clinic
  • Guang Ci Clinic
  • Guang Ci Clinic
  • Guang Ci Clinic
  • Guang Ci Clinic
  • Guang Ci Clinic
  • Guang Ci Clinic
  • Guang Ci Clinic

Photo credit: Boris Shiu, AGENT PAY

  • LEAD DESIGNER: Xu Huaming
    DESIGN TEAM: Xu Huaming, Gao Yao, Wu Guihua, Liu Bingjie, Huang Wentao, Huang Yun, Huang Danni, Su Zhaofang, Zhang Yanyu, Quan Xuanzhen, Hu Juan

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