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Reflective design for glass panelled virtual reality centre

“The well-engineered tessellated façade works with the waterscape front to create a more fun and vibrant design than a simple glass-box building,” Chuck Changhak Choi, Judge.

Project: Dream Box: Wuhan Optics Valley DAJA Center 

Award: Façade, Silver, 2022

Location: Wuhan, China

Architect: 9M Design

Client: Optics Valley

This virtual reality and animation centre has a striking three-dimensional façade that makes a strong design statement fitting for its position next to the entrance to Optics Valley, an optoelectronics industrial park in Wuhan, China.
Rather than a flat facade, the crystalline exterior is made up of differently angled triangular shaped glass panels which catch the light. The interplay of reflection, colour and clever shading devices create a dynamic and dramatic effect. 
Visitors enter at the left side of the building which is surrounded by water, allowing them to experience the harmony between the building, the water, the sky and the landscape reflected on the glass. The result is a building with a flowing dynamic facade instead of a still, single piece of architecture. 

Design highlights

The thin and light roof is made from honeycomb-shaped aluminium plates, while the modular design of the walls allowed for quick and easy assembly on site.

{{2022 - W0006 - Dream Box Wuhan Optics Valley}}

Photo credit: Schran Image

  • LEAD ARCHITECTS: He Min, Guo Ning, Zhou Xian, Lu Baiyou, Pan Shijie, Wang Huizhen, Zhou Menghui, Hou Miao 

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