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Steel bridge that artfully conveys utilities as well as people

“A highly crafted solution, beautifully executed to provide an important link between otherwise landlocked areas,” Bob Fry, Judge.

Project: Grand Avenue Park Bridge

Award: Bridges, Silver, 2022

Location: Everett, Washington State, USA

Architect: LMN Architects 

Client: City of Everett

Grand Avenue Park Bridge doubles as a utilities and pedestrian bridge connecting Everett’s historical Grand Avenue Park to the waterfront area. For more than a century, the city has been disconnected from its working waterfront that is home to a naval shipyard, marinas and a growing mixed-use district. The pedestrian bridge repairs this divide while also conveying sewer and storm water across its 78-meter span. It also navigates a network of existing electrical lines, a five-lane motorway, and the train tracks at the base of a 24-meter-tall steep slope. The truss form of this pragmatic design echoes the traditional railroad trusses found across the Pacific Northwest. The structural elements are constructed of weathering steel, a raw form of steel, which uses rust to form a protective layer, providing corrosion resistance and enhancing the bridge's long-term maintainability.

Design highlights

The bridge juxtaposes industrial design such as the rusted steel truss, vertical concrete core and walkways with more delicate features such as the intricately detailed railings. The bare aluminium guardrail system includes perforated panels which enhance the reflectivity of the artificial lighting to allow for a safer walking experience and minimize glare and light pollution. The guardrail dips at strategic moments, opening unobstructed views over Puget Sound and beyond to the Olympic Mountains.

  • Grand Avenue Park Bridge
  • Grand Avenue Park Bridge
  • Grand Avenue Park Bridge
  • Grand Avenue Park Bridge
  • Grand Avenue Park Bridge
  • Grand Avenue Park Bridge
  • Grand Avenue Park Bridge
  • Grand Avenue Park Bridge
  • Grand Avenue Park Bridge

Photo credit: Adam Hunter/LMN Architects

  • LEAD ARCHITECTS: Scott Crawford, Kyle Kiser, Mark La Venture, Kathy Stallings, Stephen Van Dyck, John Woloszyn
    STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: KPFF Consulting Engineers
    CIVIL ENGINEER: KPFF Consulting Engineers
    LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Everett Parks & Recreation
    MECHANICAL ENGINEER: Tres West Engineers, Inc
  • LIGHTING CONCEPT: Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design
    PLUMBING ENGINEER: KPFF Consulting Engineers
    ELEVATOR: The Greenbusch Group, Inc
    GEOTECHNICAL: HWA GeoSciences Inc
    GEOTECHNICAL: Landau Associates

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