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Renewable energy fuels new office design

“Strong sight lines, good use of materials, strong architectural details and good continuity of design,” Elaine Cecconi, Judge.

Project: ACEN

Location: Manila, Philippines

Award: Corporate Offices (less than 10,000 sq m), Gold, 2022

Design practice: Aedas Interiors

Client: AC Energy

The designers of the new offices for AC Energy – a renewable energy company - drew inspiration from wind and solar energy and geothermal electricity production for their interiors. The brief was to embody the company’s raison d’etre in the physical design of their new office and the designers evoked the energy of electricity flow in the design of the flooring, walls, and lighting in the public areas. Meanwhile workstations and lighting are influenced by the shape of wind turbines.
Spread across three floors, a large open staircase connects the levels and is flanked by social, meeting and training spaces with office areas located on the opposite side to create a secure working environment. The reception area leads you past a series of client meeting spaces and into the "melting pot", a multifunctional space that is used for everything from staff lunches to events and client meetings.

Design highlights

The AC Energy offices feature workspace areas which can be closed and secured, allowoing them to become general meeting rooms. The board room also has a custom designed table that can close up for face to face meetings, negotiations and lunches while also opening up to allow all participants a better line of sight to the electronic content.

{{2022 - U0033 - ACEN}}

Photo credit: Owen Raggett Photography



  • LEAD DESIGNERS: Steven Shaw, Eric Magno, Simin Lim, Kher Ting
    LOCAL ARCHITECT: DVD Architecture
    AUDIO VISUAL: Sennen Design

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