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Old meets new in sweet-toothed museum

“Elegant and well executed solution,” Kate Davis, Judge.

Project: Galaxy sugar factory cultural museum 

Award: Interiors – Cultural Venues, Gold, 2022

Location: Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Design practice: C&C Design Co, Ltd 

Client: Galaxy Real Estate Group

The Galaxy sugar factory museum breathes new life in to a former factory building in the city of Zhuhai, Southern China. Now better known for its golf resorts and theme parks the new museum is part of a wider scheme that is celebrating the city’s industrial heritage and transforming the area in to a new leisure and cultural destination. Once an integral part of the country’s sugar plantation and processing industry in the 1960s, the factory closed in 2003 when the industry was no longer thriving. It has now been reinvented as a sugar museum where visitors can learn about the industry’s glory years.

Design highlights

Much of the building’s original shell has been restored and repurposed. Elevated wooden staircases cross the main exhibition halls to form bridges between the different functional spaces. The rough industrial textures of the former sugar manufacturing equipment provide a striking juxtaposition with the clean lines of the simple but striking contemporary backdrop.

{{1822658 - Galaxy sugar factory cultural museum}}

  • LEAD DESIGNERS: Peng Zheng, Zhang Bo 
    DESIGN TEAM: Zhong Zhihong, Zhu Guoguang, Li Lu, Lian Jinwei

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