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Bookshop opens up a new chapter in retail design

“This brought a smile to my face. Very cool but warm, aesthetic but playful,” Tarek Merlin, Judge.

Project: Tengda Zhongshu bookstore

Award: Retail Design – Retail chain stores, department stores, supermarkets and show rooms, Gold, 2022

Location: Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Design practice: Eternal Architectural Design 

Client: Tengda Zhongshu

Some have predicted the demise of the bricks and mortar book shop, but Tengda Zhongshu gives the doomsayers a run for their money. It offers an immersive experience for its visitors that encompasses a series of differently themed rooms ranging from the space age to the story book. Set in Taizhou, a historical and cultural city near the sea that is famous for its Tiantai Mountain, the shop is designed to be an escape from modern life with something to offer readers of all ages. With a tranquil and peaceful lay out that includes interwoven book shelves of different heights, shapes and sizes, the designers have created reading corridors inviting customers to stop and pick up a book. Natural light floods the space thanks to a wealth of windows and skylights. 

Design highlights

The shop is divided in to different areas inspired by the rich culture of its surroundings -  including a cultural and creative area which features a circular book case structure inspired by The Haishan Islands of Taizhou Island and cascading shelves designed to resemble a waterfall. A central coffee shop is inspired by Shitang Ancient Town. The fun and fantastical children’s area showcases folk customs and looks like an illustration from a picture book brought to life.

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    DESIGNERS: Huiyan Yang , Xi Tian, Zhengfang Zhang

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