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Tower with sky high green ambitions

“The greening of this design runs from the top of the high rise down through the ground floor public spaces. It could influence the way our buildings are inhabited and the ecology of our cities,” Yasmin Shariff, Judge.

Project: Taikoo Green Ribbon 

Award: Future Projects – Commercial, Gold, 2022

Location: Hong Kong

Architect: Arup

Client: Advancing Net Zero Ideas Competition organized by the Hong Kong Green Building Council

Taikoo Green Ribbon offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional high-rise. It’s a dynamic and engaging workplace as well as a new civic and urban hub, with multi-level green public spaces. An interweaving ribbon, or green activity spine, runs around its north, east and west façades and includes landscaped decks connected by a ‘Sky track’ of sloping jogging paths. Meanwhile the ground floor includes a wellness garden and plaza. Naturally ventilated to minimize energy consumptions and enhance users' wellbeing and comfort, its ultra-low energy consumption and embodied carbon means it would achieve carbon neutrality within the first eight years of being built. The tower’s design was produced as part of the Advancing Net Zero Ideas Competition organized by the Hong Kong Green Building Council which sought innovative concepts for a 230m tall commercial tower in the heart of Hong Kong.

Design highlights

The distinctive design incorporates a plethora of green features including vertical green walls - a full height algae wall would produce bio-diesel and compost to power the building and an integrated cooling green wall system would cool and dehumidify the air for natural ventilation. Meanwhile, 3D printed perforated screens of recycled plastic bottles, supported by a recycled aluminium and steel frame, could provide shade. Multi-functional south facing ‘Solar Tubes’ would collect solar energy and also provide a space for collaborative working and socialising.

  • Taikoo Green Ribbon

Photo credit: Arup

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