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A modular cabin where you can sleep under the stars

“Modular buildings like this should become a standard,” Viktorie Souckova, Judge.

Project: ANNA Stay Model 2022 

Award: Small Spaces, Gold, 2022

Location: Wildlife reserve De Biesbosch, Netherlands

Architect: ANNA

Client: ANNA

This beautifully crafted cabin is modularly developed, resulting in a short construction time on site and minimal ecological disruption as result. With two protective sliding shells that can be opened up or closed depending on the weather, occupants can live amongst nature. The inner shell is made of double glass while the outer shell is made of wood. By adjusting the two shells, the ANNA Stay cabin changes and adapts to the weather, your mood or the occasion. Enjoy a fierce rain shower from under the glass roof, wake up among the birds in the early morning and enjoy the starry sky directly above your bed at night time. It also includes a shower and toilet, fitted kitchen and space for up to two king size beds.
Mass production is possible in the future because 80% of the unique parts can be produced locally all over the world on CNC machines and 3D printers via a digital file. Meanwhile all of the materials from which it is constructed can be completely separated and reused. 

Design highlights

The building is water and wind tight and always slides perfectly, thanks to its innovative patented aluminium rails. The heavy double glazing is installed with the help of uniquely designed rubber and aluminium extrusion profiles which are screwed on the wooden trusses. The wooden trusses contain studs on which the roof boxes are fixed like pieces of a puzzle. 

{{2022 - X0008 - ANNA Stay Model 2022}}

Photo credit: Jorrit't Hoen

  • LEAD ARCHITECT: Caspar Schols

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