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Primary school provides a lesson in innovative design

“A rigorously designed large scale project. The best part is the simplicity of language. Simple spatial planning both horizontally and vertically,” Ann Lau, Judge.

09 October 2023 2022

Project: Hangzhou Olympic Sports Experimental Primary School & Kindergarten

Award: Education - Nursery, primary and secondary schools, Gold, 2022

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Architects: UAD

Client: Hangzhou Binjiang District Education Bureau

In this simple but strikingly designed primary school, the architects aimed to create a “dream stage” for children. The school and kindergarten are a light filled and calm oasis in a busy location next to the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre and the city’s gateway, Xixing Bridge. A series of multi-level internal courtyards, linked by outdoor staircases, provide a tranquil setting for outdoor play while light floods in through a set of circular skylights above the entrance hall and other communal spaces.
The school also features a wealth of facilities, from a climbing wall, running track and an imaginative attic space providing activity space for gardening and martial arts lessons. The local community have access to the school’s state of the art sports facilities through a separate entrance, while an underground car park keeps vehicles out of sight.

Design highlights

The exterior is decorated with warm-toned, wood-like aluminium honeycomb panels which stand out against the grey/white surrounding buildings. The administration, teaching and sports centres are linked by the white base at the bottom. A sloped roof form effectively blocks noise from the road and creates a beautiful facade. 
Professional software was used to analyse noise, sunshine and wind to ensure that the main teaching areas were not disturbed by the busy road but also filled with light and well ventilated. 

  • STRUCTURAL DESIGN: Shen Jin, Qian Lei, Wang Jun, Wang Chengzhi, Hua Dan, Chen Gang, Zhan Hong, Yu Wei
    ELECTROMECHANICAL DESIGN: Chen Ji, Zheng Guoxing, Ren Xiaodong, Yang Guozhong, Fang Huoming, Ding Li, Shao Chunting, Guo Yinan, Huang Zhengjie, Deng Yi, Huang Qinpeng, Li Xiangqun, Yuan Xiaonan, Ye Minjie, Mou Yu
  • INTERIOR DESIGN: Li Jingyuan, Hu Xu, Jia Ru, Chen Yuxiong, Guo Sicong, Tian Ning, Wang Guancui, Luo Baozhen, Wang Feng, Zhang Ci, Ren Zhiyong, Wang Mi, Ding Yi, Pang Xiaoxiao
    CURTAIN WALL DESIGN: Bai Qi'an, Yang Dongyan, Chen Dong, Wang Jiming, Yu Hao, Zhang Jie, Cao Dongqiu, Huang Li, Tao Shanjun, Tian Le, Zhang Moran
    LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Guo Hongfeng, Wu Jina, Zhang Beibei, Li Wenjiang, Sheng Chaoyun, Xu Hui, Wang Jue, Liu Shuangyan, Gao Jing, Li Rushi
    BIM DESIGN: Zhang Shunjin, Ren Wei, Chen Chang, Han Xue, Zhu Li, Liang Jie
    CONSTRUCTION ECONOMICS: Sun Wentong, Zhou Yongjie

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