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And the shortlist for the 2022 WIN Awards Lighting projects category is...

Six entries are shortlisted in the Lighting projects category of the 2022 WIN Awards

by Séan Thurgood 24 August 2022 2022

Theatre Royal Drury Lane by BDP

Theatre Royal Drury Lane has always been at the forefront of lighting technology, whether whale oil, gas or electricity - and this scheme is no exception. The lighting had to reveal the architecture, provide drama and atmosphere while respecting the historic importance of the building. Our approach was to create contemporary lighting effects that clearly drew inspiration from the past. We merged lighting methods of the 19th and 21st centuries; dimming technologies used previously only on stage and in the auditoria have been adopted throughout the whole building to maximise flexibility and balance the same level of sensitivity and ambience across all areas of the visitor experience.


The refurbishment of a 1980s office building includes work on its external façade at street level and the creation of a semi-public ground floor space and a rooftop extension with terrace. Driving towards the client's net zero carbon ambitions, the 12 storey scheme features an innovative structural glazing system on the ground floor, new lifts and core reconfiguration, prefabricated bathroom systems, and flexible office space with exposed ceilings.

Lighting to the main entrance, reception and cafe area is provided by high level LED spotlights mounted to runs of track with an indirect LED light source, suspended between an open mesh grid ceiling, producing an indirect wash of light to the exposed concrete coffered ceiling.

Black Star Pastry by Studio Illumine

Studio Illumine designed the lighting atmosphere for Black Star Pastry, a space-themed cafe in downtown Shanghai. The interiors evoke the feeling of being in space through the use of a monochromatic palette, reflective materials and bespoke lighting.

The ground floor serves as a pastry cafe. The design immerses the visitors in the sensation of being in a spaceship - The walls of the cafe are lined with stainless steel shelving holding thousands of meteorites extending to the ceiling. Lighting the meteorite shelves was the biggest challenge of this project. Adequate lighting is required to highlight the minerals, yet precisely calibrated to ensure that the space is not over-illuminated due to the density of reflective shelving. Each shelf is edge-lit within a sliding system to allow for rear maintenance access of LEDS.

Glasgow Queen Street Station by BDP

The design creates an accessible, welcoming building. The dramatic new roof animates the passenger journey, its form signalling the principal entrances. Internal re-planning improves connections to the low level platforms and bathes their stairs with light from the same clerestory window that provides views of the train shed from the new concourse.

The lighting concept guides the passenger from the Victorian platforms through to the forecourt, into one of the largest Georgian squares in Britain. The defining architectural feature is the golden clad soffit, softly illuminated internally and externally from discreet locations and highly visible from the concourse and the street. Luminaires with controlled optics and shielding accessories were used to light from such long distances and keep glare to a minimum, with warm colour temperature 2700K specified to accentuate the golden finish. The stone walls were highlighted, the junction between vertical stone and soffit delineated with a shadow gap halo of light.

Ahn Luh Guantang Resorts and Residence by Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co.

With "hidden light" as the guiding theme, the designer has conceived a unique spatial rhythm and temperament to emphasize AHN LUH Resorts and Residences’ refined atmosphere.

Modesty is the correct attitude for the deployment of light in space. Rather than glaringly illuminate, the designer must capture the subtle aura of the space's essence. With the aid of structure, texture and form, the designer restrains the light to reveal the hotel's authentic aspect, bestowing an effect of natural integration.

During the day, light illuminates and merges into all things, inspiring travelers to perceive the panoply of life's richness. At night, light is ubiquitous by its absence, deepening our appreciation and admiration for the world's mysterious beauty.

Royal College of Physicians at the Spine by BDP

A timber curtain wall reconnects people with nature and a unique ceramic frit facade, complete with 23 million unique voronoi polygons mimics human skin and reacts to the local environment to control noise and glare.

The lighting design creates an intimate and diverse welcoming, vibrant environment. The entrance atrium is split over two floors connected by a feature ‘college steps’. Flooded with natural light during the day, in the evenings the space celebrates key architectural elements. The green wall is vertically washed with light with the wooden balustrade and stairs highlighted with integral lighting. Direct downlighting is located within the slatted ceilings while integral lighting to planter bases creates pools of horizontal light. A feature pendant hangs over the reception desk, augmented with task lighting.

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