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And the shortlist for the 2022 WAN Awards Small Spaces category is...

Six entries are shortlisted in the Small Spaces category of the 2022 WAN Awards

by Séan Thurgood 17 August 2022 2022

Flower Field Bamboo Pavilion -- Urban Park Micro Renovation by Atelier cnS; School of Architecture, South China University of Technology

The project is located in the center of Beijiao, Xianmo Flower Field which is a civic park with flowers as the theme. Due to the lack of shade, there is no place for tourists to rest and stay, which has led to the extremely low utilization rate of the park.

We combine parametric design with the traditional craftsmanship of low-carbon raw bamboo materials into two sets of bamboo-structured landscape pavilions to provide residents with a sheltered space, also could hold small events on holidays, which becomes a composite function landmark, at the same time, activate the exploration and application of traditional sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

St Marys Studio - Paularcher Design

Old meets new with our bijou studio for a classical composer/musician.

This new structure provides a space for work and creativity away from the main house. The small garden meant that any structure needed to be modest. Planning restrictions also meant that a full width studio was not going to be viable. In response we aimed to provide a visually lightweight structure that would integrate with the immediate surrounds. The tiled flooring flows through from the kitchen of the main house across the garden down into the lowered floor of the studio. The added height removes the sense of restriction, giving a sense of openness of the studio nestled in amongst the raised planters.

Abu Dhabi Climate Resilience Initiative by CBT

As global temperatures rise, the impacts of urban heat island are becoming increasingly dangerous. As one of the world’s hottest cities, Abu Dhabi faces this intensifying threat head on.

The Abu Dhabi Climate Resilience Initiative is a citywide public realm improvement program focused on improving pedestrian thermal comfort levels in an outdoor, desert climate through a series of tactical urban interventions. The program introduces three prototypical climate intervention pilots focused on human comfort, passive design, and replicability: a pocket park, mosque plaza, and urban intersection.

MPavilion 2021 - The Lightcatcher by MAP studio

MPavilion 2021 was designed by MAP studio (Venice) architects Francesco Magnani & Traudy Pelzel. MAP studio imagined MPavilion 2021 as a shimmering device, a form of urban lighthouse intended to illuminate MPavilion’s diverse, varied and inclusive programming.

Dubbed the Lightcatcher, the pavilion’s geometric abstraction and kaleidoscopic structure reflected and amplified the ever-changing landscape, colour, activities and people surrounding it. Its design comprises a three-dimensional lattice made of galvanized steel tubular profiles, which house mirror-finish aluminium panels. U-shaped concrete pillars support the lattice structure which appears to float above the bright, yellow surface and circular kiosk below.

The Coast House by

The structure is bedded into the landscape, hunkering down from the harsh coastal weather. Materials and colours are deliberately pared back so as not to compete with the natural environment. The two forms collide, with the black form dominating the brown. Inspired by the ocean waves journeying from the distant mountains across the bay and crashing into the shore. The house is wrapped around a large windswept native beech tree, and opens reveal views across dunes, the ocean and snow capped mountains. Entry is through the brown grounded form. The exterior has been prepared for native plants to eventually climb over and conceal it. The entrance area is designed for coats and boots to be stored. The interior is oriented for sun, views and solar gain. Materials are raw and stripped back internally with a reduced palette of two internal linings matching the two external claddings.

ANNA Stay Model 2022 by ANNA

The ANNA Stay Model 2022 is not a cabin but a spaceship. A spaceship that brings you back to Planet Earth. It has two protective sliding shells that allow you to open up and become part of your surroundings instead of being merely a spectator. The inner shell is made of double glass, the outer shell is made of wood.

By adjusting the two shells ANNA changes and adapts to the weather, your mood or the occasion. ANNA allows to connect to a reality in which we naturally belong. This way you experience the beauty of a fierce rain shower from under the glass roof, you wake up among the birds in the early morning and you are mesmerized at night by the starry sky directly above your bed.

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