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And the shortlist for the 2022 WAN Awards Future Projects - Leisure category is...

Six entries are shortlisted in the Future Projects - Leisure category of the 2022 WAN Awards

by Séan Thurgood 17 August 2022 2022 Future Projects

Urban Renewal and Transformation of Weihai Old Port by Architectural Design & Research Institute Of Tsinghua University Co., Ltd

Built in 1918, Weihai Port was the first commercial port in the city of Weihai, a famous coastal defense fortress in China.

After almost a hundred years of changes, in 2013, the Port was moved to its new location, leaving the former site idled.In few years, building a “refined city” and renewing the central old town have been enormously emphasized in Weihai, rendering the old port an important anchor point in this process. The design was initially started focusing on the vacant site, to sew the gap in the waterfront public space, to provide a linkage between water and land, and to highlight the city’s past and future.

The Cathedral by Populous

Inspired by two of the city’s most iconic buildings, the Duomo and the Galleria, The Cathedral will create a new landmark for Milan. The design employs cutting-edge technology and the latest in sustainable design practices, with an incredibly tight and atmospheric seating bowl that will be the most intimate in Europe, bringing fans closer to the action than ever before and creating an unforgettable atmosphere with the best in acoustic design. The scheme incorporates photovoltaic roof panels to generate electricity and rainwater harvesting to minimise water use. The interior spaces are naturally ventilated and passively heated and cooled, with the entire district connected to a central heating and cooling system.

Externally, the stadium is enveloped by an elegant glass facade, allowing sunlight to pour through to the concourse galleria, where visitors can enjoy a wide-ranging offer of food and beverage outlets inspired by the world-renowned food culture of the city.

Soccer Arena of Huanghe Sports Centre by HPP+BIAD

Viewed from afar, the soccer arena looks like a pearl on the Yellow River. With its overall round appearance containing a rectangular arena on the inside, the arena embodies the contrasting language of a round outside vs. a square inside originating from traditional Chinese culture. The white ridge line of the building shell rises and falls like a wandering dragon outlining the geometry. Four entrance plazas are designed based on the inwardly contracted stands.

Like the rising and falling tides of the Yellow River, the arched entrances opening to the plaza create a ceremonial atmosphere for visitors. The soccer arena has a shining surface that changes its tones as the white ridge extends, like the terraced Yellow River beds.The curves across the facade open symmetrically at the four corners of the arena, forming a continuous 360° aerial viewing platform. Shops and stores along the viewing platform maximize the flexible use of the stadium during and after competitions.

Guanhu Art-Culture-Sports Center by dS Atelier 

This new sports and culture center is built on the site of the former community sports center, which is located at the key node of the riverside green corridor of Guanlan River.

We propose to lift up the main volume of the building, releasing the ground to the public as a sheltered sports park, and bringing the direct pedestrian connection between the city and the riverfront. A wide landscaped ramp connects the ground plaza with the upper-level plaza, and continues to spiral up along the periphery of the building as a natural extension of the riverside green belt. This circular promenade leads all the way to the Sky Park on the roof.

See Sound Tower by Atelier Archmixing/ZHUANG Shen, REN Hao, TANG Yu, ZHU Jie 

See Sound Tower is an installation for grasping and transforming energies, made up of four vast auditory 'organs', through which, people travel, climbing up and down, searching for particular sounds and discovering views interwoven by fields, sky and trains. Energy transfers between various matters, the sound experience profiles the space.

The tower’s structure is like an ear that captures the surrounding sounds; a musical instrument that interacts with the sounds of the site. The See Sound Tower is a conical tower, 27m high, 9m in radius at the lower entrance and 3m in radius at the upper entrance, housing three ear canal-like chambers with different finishes to process sounds. The left space within the cone structure forms the fourth cavity.

Observation Tower in Liyang by UAD

Instead of conforming to the conventional model of a “needle” tower, we gave the project a little bit more love and designed a “globe” observation tower. Its spherical form, 30 meters in diameter, will give a strong visual impact to any people passing by in a high-speed train. Its giant interior not only provides a platform to look out, but also defines a magical event space for local citizens to congregate and contemplate. With accessibility in mind, we chose ramp over staircase. The red spiral ramp is carried to the top of the tower bringing people upwards in a continuous motion. 

The design is inspired by the traditional “Double Fish” Yin-yang symbol. Two halves of the sphere come together, forming a dynamic yet balanced whole. The structure of the tower, made entirely of curved steel trusses and space frames, follows its geometric logic. The project is under construction and expected to open to public by Oct.1 2022.

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