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And the shortlist for the 2022 WAN Awards Future Projects - Civic category is...

Six entries are shortlisted in the Future Projects - Civic category of the 2022 WAN Awards

by Séan Thurgood 17 August 2022 2022 Future Projects

Zhuhai Culture and Art Center (Yinkeng Peninsula) by Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University

Located on Zhuhai’s coastal road, The Culture and Art Center benefits from the proximity of the water as well as the mountains as background. The design adopts the classic mathematical topology of the Mobius ring, which the simple and powerful volume represents both eternity of love and intangible cultural heritage of the city, further demonstrating the unique urban status and cultural landmark.

The twisted Möbius ring accommodates an 800-seat theater, a cultural center, exhibition space to the northwest, and the library is located to the southeast side. A series of featured interior spaces such as a continuous ramp, a forest atrium, sea-viewing steps, etc. are designed to reflecting the undulating form and the free flowing space of the Mobius ring.

Human Convergence by Form4 Architecture 

The eastern arc represents a phase when societies rooted in religion were slowly discovering science and its consequences. Life was organized in accord with Nature. To the upper part of the western section of the site, a sunken circular garden stands for the pre-industrial Age. There, modern history starts.

In traveling the full length of the western portion of the site, the majestic arc contains the Agora and the Sphere facing the Guadalupe River. The former contains cafes, art installations, and areas for spontaneous performances. The latter, floating in space offers a place for people to come together and enjoy art, explore scientific discoveries, and hone their own craft in making things. It is an interactive museum for the reconciliation of these three realms.

Chengdu Museum of Natural History by Pelli Clarke & Partners

The museum’s dramatic forms embody the process of rock breaking apart due to opposing forces of volcanic activity and shifting tectonic plates. The building’s form sweeps up in places to reveal the interior before descending again, reflecting the tension between ascension and gravity. The exterior granite surface is punctuated with organic perforations that create the impression of daylight reflecting on mountain snow. At night, light from within evokes a starry sky.

An expansive canopy marks the main entrance, welcoming visitors into the museum. Inside the central atrium, sculpted wooden bridges recall the historic connection between Chengdu and its ancient water passages.

Outside the museum, an immersive nature experience awaits with indigenous plants, topography, and waterways. Reflecting pools and tributaries will frame the museum, highlighting the region’s historic irrigation systems.

Intertwined Eternities by Form4 Architecture

AI Plaza is part of the first flagship commercial development in the area and is China's first shopping mall surrounded by a large swathe of art galleries and museums. The plaza was aimed to blend the cultural atmosphere, art vibes, and the intelligent gene of the West Bund to become a unique landmark. However, the existing façade design was rigid and monotonous. It looked opaque and dull. It was not engaging and without prominent entry.

Therefore, a new façade designer was employed. The design team transformed the plaza into a welcoming and exciting retail destination with the most efficient means — the new façade used a "box of surprises" as the design concept. The design pops the retail contents through the existing grid. A cluster of small elements is applied to become the Art and IP displays framework.

Pentre Awel by ARUP Architecture

Pentre Awel is a pioneering development by Carmarthenshire Council which will provide world-class medical research and community healthcare delivery together with business incubation for life sciences businesses, higher education for healthcare professionals and wet and dry leisure facilities open to the whole community. The project’s ambition is to transform health and wellbeing outcomes for the Llanelli community throughout the five life stages set out in the Welsh Government’s Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, whilst also addressing the UK Government’s post-covid ‘levelling up’ agenda in a community challenged by longstanding high levels of unemployment and chronic health conditions.

Leidarhofdi Community Center by sastudio + HJARK + Landmótun

The building rises gently from the ground towards the town, generating a new street front and shielding the new plaza from dominant Northeast winds while opening its footprint to maximize sun exposure. The green roof extends the local flora and becomes an extension of the pedestrian promenade that offers a new point of view over the town and surrounding nature.

The building is a versatile multi-purpose space that can adjust to different uses for locals and visitors. The design promotes awareness and respect for the environment, it is conceived to be energy efficient and resource to passive strategies, the structural system is made of cross-glued timber. The concept respects the local fauna and flora, and pays tribute to the place, with Leiðarhöfði as the central piece, untouched and left in its natural form.

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