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And the shortlist for the 2022 WAN Awards Colour in Architecture category is...

Five entries are shortlisted in the Colour in Architecture category of the 2022 WAN Awards

by Séan Thurgood 17 August 2022 2022

Global Sunac Future City Exhibition Center by Shanghai Puspace Architectural Design Co. 

The project applies mixed tones to the architectural volumes, and adopts a unique jointing method instead of conventional hemming approaches for nodes.

The protruded design of the building volume helps avoid overheating in interior spaces, and can reduce energy consumption by 35% in combination with air conditioning. The overhanging structure on the south side of the building provides a good shelter in summer, and the rooftop terrace provides natural ventilation and an additional outdoor space. Besides, the building is equipped with sewage treatment facilities and rainwater recycling system to clean and recycle water resources. Moreover, the project adopts pavement with excellent permeability performance to cope with flood.

AM41 by Dewan Architects + Engineers

Refurbishment of a hospital into a residential apartment building, located in the center of the Eixample district in Barcelona, an area full of architecturally diverse buildings. The number 41 in Ausias March dates from 1895. The apartments’ sizes are between 64 sq m and 232 sq m, and they allocate 1 to 3 bedrooms. The building has a great display of communal areas on offer, ranging from a spa to a gym on the ground floor.

The interior design preserves and restores traditional architectural elements such as the Catalan vault in the ceilings and custom tiles on the floors, as well as opening up the spaces to make the most of the brightness and the pleasant weather of Barcelona. The overall white palette is broken by Le Corbusier ‘s colour palette up with interesting features like bespoke shelved walls which divide the spaces without closing them up.

National Forensic Mental Hospital, Portrane by Scott Tallon Walker Architects in association with Medical Architecture

Designed to provide a safe, secure and healing environment that contributes to patient`s recovery, buildings are strategically placed to optimise the existing topology, mature woodland setting and coastal views.

High secure design guidelines require a minimum eaves height of 4.2m. To reduce the scale and allow the buildings appear a single storey, a dark coloured render band was introduced below the eaves. To reduce the mass of the roofs, pitches were kept low, hipped and overhangs utilized.

The entrance is deliberately articulated in opposing architectural language to denote its administrative function. 130 of the beds and a Village Centre are laid out as a series of single storey pavilion buildings around a ‘Village Green’ with peaceful gardens for patient amenity and therapeutic activities.

Ice Cube -XinXiang Cultural Tourism Center by Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd.

The lighting is set to 3-5 times the overall brightness of the surroundings, gradually raising and converging from bottom to top. Combined with the interesting association of Frozen, designer breaks through the traditional cold white color of ice and snow, allowing to radiate more colorful lights to convey the romance and joy of the snow world.

The designer cleverly applied specific lighting colors. Not only did he choose the blue and white tones that are inherent to the impression of ice and snow, but also captured the blue and purple tones reflected from the ice flowers. Dreamy and sweet colors flow slowly on the cubes, reflecting each other, which to some extent highlights the theme of the founding of happy cultural tourism city.

RSBC (Royal Society for Blind Children) Life Without Limits Centre by EPR Architects

The UK’s first Life Without Limits Centre is a unique space for young blind and partially sighted people to meet, play and learn essential life skills. A variety of suites give blind children an opportunity to make friends, play music, paint, take part in performance workshops, record podcasts, learn how to cook independently and learn career-building tech skills. The building also provides flexible, contemporary workspace for the charity’s staff, event spaces for fundraising and supportive spaces for families learning to cope with blindness.

Colour is integral to the building; vibrant interiors create a home away from home for blind children and their families whilst embodying RSBC’s empowering mission. The building is also an exemplar of inclusive design, using a palette of high contrast, colourful and tactile materials to improve sensory navigation of the space.

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