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2022 WAN Awards entry: Qanat Hotel, Windcatcher Towers - Margot Krasojevic Architects

Qanat Hotel, Windcatcher Towers by Margot Krasojevic Architects is an entry in the Future Projects - Leisure category of the 2022 WAN Awards

by Copy taken from 2022 entry 15 June 2022 2022 Future Projects

Due to the desert’s arid environment, we identified four areas of direction as part of the design criteria; windcatcher towers for ventilation and to assist evaporative cooling, solar collectors for high to low-frequency radiation conversion, and a Qanat infrastructure to service agricultural irrigation efforts and building interior cooling methods.

Striated towers rise tall above the cooler desert floor catching warm air and transporting it into the hotel's lower ground floor, which cools the air as it passes over pools of water using evaporative cooling.
A PVC solar collector canopy is suspended over one of the hotel’s atrium pools made from PVC the complex cylindrical sections that have a reflective inner surface. This allows for the canopy to rise higher above the desert floor, in turn collecting condensation. This condensation is then released into the evaporation pool below it whilst transforming high-frequency radiation into low, i.e., light energy from solar turns into heat, which expands the air trapped in the PVC solar collector making it rise from the ground to provide shelter from the sun and generate electrical currents using photovoltaic cells and piezoelectric cells.

The lower ground hotel vaults ventilation system is controlled by the PVC canopy and the windcatcher towers above ground. Pneumatic PVC canopy rises and falls in the process, channelling the wind throughout the hotel. The canopy can also be choreographed by the wind tower which collects condensation from the desert air, filling the underground reservoir and pools to aid with evaporative cooling in the hotel's atrium.

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