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Five reasons why strict regulations don't have to compromise your mail and parcel design

26 Jan 2022

Strict fire safety and building regulations needn't stifle architectural innovation and creativity. You just need to find the right supplier

The UK has some of the most demanding fire-safety and building regulations in the world – which can only be a good thing. But how can you achieve the design effect you want if the architectural materials and components you use are heavily prescribed by legislation that puts science and safety before aesthetics?

The answer: by choosing a supplier that uses the right materials and components. The Safety Letterbox Company provides a wide range of stylish and aesthetically pleasing mail and parcel boxes which can fit into almost any designed space.

Here are five reasons why choosing The Safety Letterbox Company means never having to compromise on quality, durability, security or style: 

1. Fire rated for two hours
The Safety Letterbox Company’s mail and parcel boxes have been engineered to maintain their integrity even in the fiercest of heats. Tested in the Warrington Fire Research Laboratory, a globally recognised leader in fire-safety validation, the company’s mail and parcel boxes withstood temperatures in excess of 1,030˚C for two hours, complying to the new BS EN 1363-1:2021 standard. 

2. A product for every designed space
Whether you need mail or parcel boxes, or both, these are available in any colour from the European-standard RAL colour range. Available in different sizes and formats, the boxes are suitable for wall mounting, wall recessing or can be freestanding. The company also offers its customers the option to include an additional security bridge feature that complies with the Secured by Design Homes 2019 guidelines. 

3. Perfect for new-build and retrofit projects
Coming in a range of finishes and formats, The Safety Letterbox Company’s mail and parcel boxes can be used for both new build and retrofit projects. Engineered for both internal and external installation, you can easily incorporate these products into your building plans at the planning or CAD drawing stage. They are available as BIM models for ease of incorporating your plans. And, because you can fit them externally, these are easily accommodated in existing properties. 

4. Intelligent and integrated
The Safety Letterbox Company parcel-box solution, myRENZbox, is more than just a simple fire rated system. It can be accessed and programmed using an online software portal at that enables remote management by the system owner. The system integrates with building-management platforms, electronic-door controls and other systems to enable seamless and secure parcel delivery, collection and return. 

5. An extendable, scalable system
Both the mail and parcel box systems made by The Safety Letterbox Company are modular, so it’s easy to add extra capacity when needed. The parcel box range includes specially designed, fire-rated extension modules, once they are installed and connected to your system they integrate with your account on the online portal and with your control modules.

To find out more about how The Safety Letterbox Company products can help you meet your design and architectural objectives while complying with all relevant safety standards and best practices, go to The Safety Letterbox Company website at

The Safety Letterbox Company R&D team worked with Warrington Fire Research Laboratory to become the first company to achieve the full two-hour fire rating (integrity only) tested to THE BS EN 1363-1:2021 standard. This allows both parcel and mail boxes to be safely housed within a fire rated area, wall or escape route when installed in accordance with guidelines.

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