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Las Vegas Strip’s Showcase Mall Phase Four expansion complete

Designed by Nadel Architecture + Planning, the 481,400 sq ft project represents the potential for a strong retail and entertainment recovery on the iconic strip, an area whose economy is largely dependent on tourism

by Georgina Johnston 26 November 2021 Bars, Restaurants, Clubs and Cafes

The 155,000 sq ft, three storey Phase Four expansion includes the addition of a 50,000 sq ft Burlington store and a 20,000 sq ft Target shop. Gindi Capital is planning to add a rooftop bar and restaurant 75 ft above street level.

It is particularly unusual on the West Coast to see a retailer occupying basement spaces, which affords this new space extra appeal for shoppers and visitors on the Strip. In addition, the building front is constructed completely of glass, which allows for significant graphics and signage to draw people to the property. And, each floor’s tenant has its own lobby accessible by street-level elevators available to pedestrians from the sidewalk. These are some of the design features that make this project distinct from other buildings in the area.

Mark Mikelson, Principal, Lead Architect, Nadel Architecture + Planning 

The multilevel Showcase Mall, whose façade is famous for its 100ft tall Coca-Cola bottle and enormous bag of M&M’s, also features a three-storey Hard Rock Café and a variety of additional retail and entertainment tenants.

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