What will work spaces look like in 2071?

Georganna Simpson
13 Oct 2021

Illustrator and artist David Oku reveals his vibrant vision of fast food, delivery and dining 50 years from now – in a creative challenge with Campaign magazine and HUAWEI MateView

Conversations about how future work spaces should look and operate have consumed the past six months. Our world is upside down, everyone has questions about what follows – and, more importantly, everyone wants a say. 

But we’re not interested in the here and now – we want to broaden that brief and think about the world of work in years and years. So we asked four creatives to time-travel (literally or metaphorically) 50 years into the future and report back what they find. What will work look, feel and smell like? Who inhabits what? If robots take over work spaces in 2071, what will architects build for them?

Campaign magazine and Huawei UK asked these talented individuals to share their visions for the future of work in 2071. And to help with their eye-catching, inspiring images and videos they had the use of the HUAWEI MateView – a new kick-ass, future-first monitor. 

Click here to view David’s work – and be inspired by his vision of the future. And explore the HUAWEI MateView, too.


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