2021 WAN Awards entry: Jiangnan Intangible Heritage Art Museum - Jiangnan Intangible Heritage Art Museum

Copy taken from 2021 entry
10 Jun 2021

Jiangnan Intangible Heritage Art Museum by Jiangnan Intangible Heritage Art Museum is an entry in the Mixed Use category of the 2021 WAN Awards

Jiangnan Intangible Heritage Art Museum is located in Jiande Jiangnan Secret International Tourism Resort. The resort takes "nature, art and life" as its core soul and relies on the best preserved original ecological natural landscape in the Yangtze River Delta region to model beautiful scenery, cook delicious food and build beautiful accommodation. With the 22-km waterway of Fuchun River as the axis, the excellent scenery on both sides as the two wings, and the Sanjiangkou Group, Nanfeng Pagoda Group, Yandongguan Group, and Hulu Waterfall Group as the four cores, it drives multi-point interaction of ecological sightseeing, leisure vacation, cultural creativity, and sports experience.

From the perspective of Jiande's geography, history, humanity and intangible cultural heritage, this project integrates the intangible cultural heritage and contemporary art creation techniques, extracts the intangible cultural elements, and uses contemporary art as the creation method to innovate the intangible cultural heritage.

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Last year more than 40 countries took part in the WAN Awards with strong showings from Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. And we saw some truly outstanding interior designs, take a look at the winners from last year here.

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