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2021 WIN Awards entry: Airborne Experience - Experience design

Copy taken from 2021 entry
09 Jun 2021

Airborne Experience by Experience design is an entry in the Cultural venues category of the 2021 WIN Awards

The successful and internationally acclaimed Airborne Experience at Hartenstein has been reimagined by designer Tinker imagineers.

The experience creatively immerses visitors in the Battle of Arnhem, that took place in September 1944, and take them on a coherent journey through harrowing events. Visitors will get a first-hand impression, scene by scene, as they witness the huge airborne operation and battle.

History is brought to life through a state-of-the-art combination of realist decors, overwhelming authentic footage, and perfectly timed light, sound and smoke effects. Besides, the renewal encompassed new scenographic areas, more cinematic lighting and better articulated human figures. But most noticeable is a completely new AV-approach with an ambitious 60-channel sound design and more immersive use of projected media.

Visitors board a glider plane, sit down, and are briefed about the mission. Through the windows, you witness the plane being towed in England - and then the benches start rocking, the fuselage squeaks and creaks, you hear the voices of brave and frightened soldiers.

After landing, the visitors disembark into the panoramic Dutch landing meadows. The operation that has begun in good spirits soon turns into a nightmare, as you witness the fights in the streets with German troops. Finally, they join the soldiers when fleeing back over the Rhine-river.

Visitors leave the exhibition through an area where they can reflect on what they just experienced when listening to an emotional soundscape of eyewitness anecdotes. Facts and statistics on the walls offer insight, while crosses overhead symbolise the fallen soldiers.

Airborne Experience - Tinker imagineers from tinker imagineers on Vimeo.

All the information about how to enter the 2021 WIN Awards is here.  

We are very happy to offer support so please don’t hesitate to email Shakira Browne, Senior Event Manager with any questions at shakira.browne@haymarket.com.  

Last year more than 40 countries took part in the WIN Awards with strong showings from Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. And we saw some truly outstanding interior designs, take a look at the winners from last year here.

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