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The must-read transport stories from 2020

Five standout transport stories covered by WAN in 2020, including bridges, cable cars and car parks

by Nav Pal 14 December 2020

Piezoelectric pendulum bridge simulates mountains and absorbs light from the sun

The suspension footbridge in Tianmen, China, spans two mountains. Its design simulates that of the surrounding mountains and also responds to the cloud-edge effect by capturing both direct and reflected light, increasing solar energy production. Even on cloudy days this bridge can achieve maximum exposure to solar energy. 

Pedestrians have a birds eye aerial view that changes with the weather, anticipating cloud breaks and expanding horizon lines. The bridge stands at a height of 650ft above the ground and therefore the design creates the illusion it’s camouflaged amidst the clouds and environment.

The design moves and sways gently, which is a choreographed response to the upward air movement and cloud formation, offering pedestrians with not only spectacular views but also exposure to the very nature of the site.

First ever cross border cable car will connect China with Russia

Following the completion of cable car designs for the cities of Gothenburg and Amsterdam, UNStudio’s design will carry passengers across the Amur River, joining Russia and China.

A vision round involving 12 practices in the invited competition managed by Strelka KB, UNStudio and Coop Himmelb(l)au were selected to submit design proposals for the Blagoveshchensk Terminal Station in Russia for the second phase. Strelka KB were also responsible for the economic and functional model of the Cable Car Terminal.   

The new cable car line will connect the cities of Heihe in China and Blagoveshchensk in Russia in a matter of minutes. Consisting of two lines and four cabins, each with a capacity of 60 passengers and extra space for luggage, journey time will be approximately seven and a half hours, while actual travel time will be three and a half hours. 

World’s longest immersed road and rail tunnel design gets green light 

Femern A/S have issued the Commencement Notice to the Femern Link Contractors joint venture to proceed with the Fehmarnbelt link between Denmark and Germany. 

The 18 km immersed tunnel connecting Denmark’s Lolland Falster region with Germany’s Schleswig Holstein region will be the world’s longest immersed road and rail tunnel. It will shorten the journey between the German and Danish coasts to just 10 minutes by car and seven minutes by train compared to the current travel time of one hour by ferry or a 160 km detour via the Danish region of Jutland by car. 

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel project is one of Europe’s largest infrastructure projects to date and will foster trade and tourism in Northern Europe. 

IdealPark car lifts: the Italian alternative sub-garden car park

Eradicating the need for a ramp, it is also a security device because it camouflages the garage and it protects both the car and its collections from bad weather or theft, as they are "hidden" in an underground space. Cars can only be retrieved using a coded key or badge and only one car at a time can be transported. 

A garage equipped with a car lift therefore benefits from great security and privacy, becoming a secret place where one can store vehicles or create a showroom for their collections.

Design team duo deliver Denmark’s first wooden parking house

Open Platform and JAJA Architects construct Denmark’s first wooden parking house, enabling Denmark to reach its goal to become climate neutral in 2050.

The structure of the parking house will be made from beams and columns from cross-laminated timber, which has a significantly higher strength than regular glulam. The parking house will cover a total area of 19,300m² across six floors with approximately 17,500m² dedicated to a total of 700 parking spots.

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