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One Hundred restrooms ready for Belgium’s ‘new normal’

WeWantMore design "next level toilets" for Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp

by Georgina Johnston 04 December 2020

The "Covid clean" toilet store has a surface of almost 100 sq m spread over two floors where all facilities can be found. The comfort crew is present during opening hours to welcome visitors and to keep the sanitary areas clean at all times. 

The Condair ‘steam experience’ creates a pleasant environment and a relative humidity of between 40% and 60% also keeps viruses at bay and eliminates  them faster.

Visitors can enjoy extra services such as a health check and drinking water dispenser with a vending machine supplying hand sanitisers and face masks. One Hundred has also installed an innovative smart mirror in collaboration withCareOS that enables users to try out various hairstyles and take a vision test. 

The design is a WeWantMore creation. The design studio based in Antwerp, reinterpreted the idea  of a traditional toilet visit in their design, with the principles of health, wellbeing and beauty in mind. 

In general public toilets in Europe don’t have the  best reputation. You want to get in and out as quickly as possible. The design of One Hundred restrooms, on the other  hand goes beyond a fast bathroom break. It invites you to catch your breath and recharge your batteries. The high tech features naturally contribute to this, but they also created a potential challenge. Precisely because everything is connected, there could be a risk of appearing distant and cool. A feeling we absolutely wanted to avoid. The natural materials, plant wall and indirect lighting provide the necessary counterbalance, so that the experience still feels  personal and Zen.

R. Belmans, Spatial Design Creative Director, WeWantMore

One Hundred's strategic partners are known for their pioneering role in health & hygiene: Essity, a world leader in hygiene and health; Roca, world leader in bathroom products and innovative in smart services, such as water flow meters; and Diversey, a leading company in intelligent and sustainable cleaning and hygiene solutions. 

One Hundred restrooms opened its first toilet store in Madrid in October 2018, quickly followed by Stockholm. At the moment there are six toilet stores operational, spread across three countries in Europe. 

The name One Hundred suggests that the ambition is to open a hundred locations but is actually a nod to the past. In the past, a public toilet was called 'room 100'. That eventually transformed into ‘loo’ in England. 

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