Former Italian grain mill repurposed into a prestigious hotel

Georgina Johnston
13 Nov 2020

Concreta worked on the interiors for the Hilton Molino Stucky, a building of recognised historical and aesthetic value and one of the most suggestive industrial archaeological sites in Italy

This is not just an interior design work but a whole plan that takes into consideration and intertwines different aspects, such as the historicity of the Venice building, the value of the existing elements, the light, the brand standards and the Clientele itself, thus resulting in a heterogeneous and complete architectural project. 

In this context, the role of general contractor carried out by Concreta fulfills the needs of representation and narrative of the project, combining them with the highest comfort and habitability of the rooms. 

Along the corridors, the soft colours of the walls, the elegant lamps and the carpet with a geometric texture perfectly blend with the cast iron pillars that characterise the architectural structure. 

Special attention has been given to the figurative elements such as the artworks and the wallpaper which introduce the theme of gears and wheat that are among the characterising elements of the room.

The room has two souls, the ‘inside’ one that tells of the industrial building and the ‘outside’ one that connects it to the city of Venice and its wonders. 

Upon entering the room, the attention paid to the colour palette is evident. The gray, white and beige tones recall the whiteness of the flour, the brass evokes the industrial element while the dark parquet, the glasses and the fabrics with golden and iridescent textures, recall the Venetian taste. The large wooden bed is a focal point with its silhouette evoking the hull of a boat. 

The industrial building is told through decorative and graphic details designed ad hoc. Old mill blades become the decorative element of the bed wall and are accompanied by the large hand painted gears of the writing area.

In the bed head you can discover the ear icon that returns as a symbolic motif in other elements such as the carpet or, in a stylised key, in the new bathroom finishing. 

The furnishings of the relax area, desk, seats and lamp, have been specially designed keeping a clean and elegant design line and covered with selected fabrics from the Venetian company Rubelli.

Other furnishings such as the mini-bar cabinet and the wardrobe have been retracted and embellished.

The most scenographic element is the closet. The restyling of this furniture was carried out in a few moves, lacquering, new handles with an iconic shape and decorative film, the final effect is of “surprise”. Opening the doors, as in a matryoshka, you are facing the whole prospect of Molino Stucky, in all its beauty.

One of the challenges of the project was to emphasise the brightness of the interiors not only through lighting fixtures but also by carefully evaluating the colours and material contrasts. The white skirting board as opposed to the dark parquet, the light colours and the use of metal elements are not only a theoretical inspiration but also important tools to highlight the natural light of the environment.

Special attention was paid to all the lighting elements, designed or modified specifically for the setting of the Molino, so as to obtain a product that is both functional and consistent with the whole mood of the project and the place itself. 

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