Book Review: ‘Voorland Groningen: Wandelingen door het Antropoceen’

‘Foreland Groningen: Walks through the Anthropocene’ examines the landscape pre-human interference, discusses four themes revolving our current crises and depicts a picture of tomorrow

by Georgina Johnston 23 November 2020 Landscape

This book is an invitation to take a walk through the centuries-old Groningen cultural landscape and read together the signs of a time to come. In doing so, four urgent themes are kept in mind, rising water, diminishing biodiversity, disappearing heritage and global warming. 

In Voorland, residents and experts contribute ideas about local solutions to these global problems.

This book does not pretend to predict what tomorrow will be like, but is as open as the landscape itself. The authors, researcher Christian Ernsten, journalist Marten Minkema and photographer Dirk-Jan Visser, offer a new lens to look at the Groningen that lies before us. 

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