Japanese restaurant chain takes root in India

Georgina Johnston
09 Mar 2020

The Orient, by Salient Design Studio and located in the Kolkata's city centre mall, incorporates ancient Japanese techniques ‘Feng Shui’ and ‘Taoism’ to reflect their cuisine in space

An Oriental cuisine restaurant with more than 60 covers has an eclectic atmosphere, from the dining area connecting the podium entry on one end and the mall entry on the other. The lane geometry mills intrigue the diners and the design employs limited colours and texture, from which evolves a modern interpretation of TAO philosophy; a décor character which is Oriental and yet not classic. Red shears part for private functions, great for illumination and space containment. The design weaves the principles of Feng Shui and contemporary grey lattice screens provide dynamic titillation to the sensory experience.

The design is derived from the notion of providing a private dining space for maximum seating. The interiors are formulated in frames; each frame sings a lore of Feng Shui from the  fiberglass masks in between two red wooden Japanese doors at the street entry or a Chinese rickshaw at the mall entry. Metal jaalis with traditional patterns screen booths from the ‘street’ of the restaurant whilst diffused lights add an essence to the décor accents. 

Human scale, handmade products, greys from zen and reds from chi, light and shadow play successfully and in every inch of this space.    

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