ODA win competition to design Moscow’s Magistralnaya Ulitsa (MAZD) master plan

Georgina Johnston
06 Feb 2020

New York based architecture firm ODA has wins international competition to design the master plan in Russia

The master plan will be a large mixed use development intended to regenerate industrial zones just outside Moscow City. The city has a significant number of post-industrial sites in valuable areas, directly aligned with main transportation vectors. The master plan will be a comprehensive kickoff for the conversion of the industrial MAZD territory; the area will serve as a catalyst for future development of the surrounding neighborhood. It is ODA’s objective to create a meaningful contribution to the development of this urban fabric, one that will, overtime, set the guidelines for a more pedestrian, green and mixed redevelopment, and one that will become a destination in this valuable part of the city. 

The MAZD territory will be an innovative neighborhood, establishing a visible marker along the Third Ring Road of Moscow’s multipurpose, green, and accessible urban agenda. The new MAZD will update the deployment of public programs along the West sector of the Third Ring Road, close enough to the bustling influence of the Russian capital, from which it will become a beacon with its iconic silhouette. The proposed schemes follow Moscow’s trends for a dense, mixed and walkable region where architecture and landscape are designed in conjunction. The interweave of public and recreational spaces with residences and offices will strengthen the sense of place that this location much needs.

ODA’s scheme is rounded off with an iconic roof that landmarks MAZD within the city skyline. Below, the residences are strategically organized with courtyards and open sight lines. This brings a human scale to the development and creates two complementing typologies, villas around quiet patios and towers exposed to the far views. In plan the scheme is modular and achieves a close checkerboard balance between open and enclosed spaces. In elevation the scheme is topographical and all uses are arranged under a unifying roof. On the ground, leisure and retail are laid out to enjoy the experience of the continuous park. This modular development can adapt to different typologies, masterplans and can influence the north and south expansions of future developmental stages. Across the street is a large Class A office building that will act as a commercial center. The new MAZD is set to be an iconic and multilevel tapestry of life for leisure and human interaction.

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