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Competition: International Maré-City Ideas Contest UIA 2020 RIO

Georgina Johnston
05 Feb 2020

Students from all over the world are invited to submit innovative urban designs and architectural interventions that will integrate communities in the Maré Complex with the city

The largest slum complex in Rio De Janeiro, Maré is the theme of the international ideas contest. 

The deadline for the International Maré-City Ideas Contest is March 30, 2020, as part of the 27th World Congress of Architects – UIA2020RIO.

Details are: 

  • The Maré Complex

  • 16 favelas

  • 140,000 inhabitants

  • More than 40,000 homes

  • Different architectural morphologies

  • And Avenida Brasil, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Rio

The Maré Complex and its favelas will be generally considered as benchmarks. Dialogues with people holding different qualifications, from other cultures and trajectories, will provide significant input. Diversity is a very powerful force for constructing solutions.

A. Braga, Observatório de Favelas, NGO

Prizes of €3000, €2000 and €1000, as well as Mido watches and Honourable Mentions.


  • Alejandro Echeverri (Colombia), Secretary for Urban Development, Medellín (2004 – 2008)

  • Elkin Velasquez Monsalve (Colombia), Regional Director of UN-Habitat for Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Gustavo Utrabo (Brazil), Founding partner, Aleph Zero architecture firm

  • Nadia Tromp (South Africa), Director, UIA Community Architecture and Human Rights Work Programme

  • Verena Andreatta (Brazil), PhD in Urban Planning and Territorial Organisation Catalunya Polytechnic University, Barcelona

To submit projects, please follow the link: 


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