People to decide if giant glass tower to be built

Alison Carter
11 Feb 2020

German engineer Horst Burbulla has been working on a giant glass tower with an amphitheatre concert hall at 520 ft and a chandelier-like dome on top for the last five years

A team of architects, structural engineers, geologists, acousticians, designers and marketing experts refined the project before Burbulla went public with it in summer 2019 via a multimedia gallery showing various illustrations of the tower, a five minute film, a 360° VR-presentation and a greenscreen studio outlining the details.

Reactions have differed, but the region's Chamber of Commerce and the local branch of the German Hotel Association officially supporting the project, pointing out its exceptional touristic value.

The visionary building is called AIRE, the French word for resting place or the Spanish word for air.

Burbulla has established a foundation to fund and operate AIRE; building costs are estimated at €80 million.

Burbulla is letting the people of Bonn decide whether or not the tower will be built via a Citizen's Initiative launched recently. Around half of the signatures required for a referendum have now been collected with six months still to go.

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