Reinventing Cities: a call to redesign cities around the world

31 Dec 2019

Calling all architects, designers, urban planners, entrepreneurs, artists, environmentalists and innovators: enter the Reinventing Cities competition

Nine cities – Cape Town, Chicago, Dubai, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Singapore, Reykjavik, and Rome – invite proposals from multidisciplinary teams of development experts and professionals. Teams can submit comprehensive plans to reimagine 25 outdated, underused areas across these cities, into carbon-neutral, resilient urban development projects.

As the threat posed by the climate emergency becomes increasingly urgent, Reinventing Cities accelerates the decarbonisation of cities around the world to create new, more sustainable models of urban development.

Buildings account for about half of C40 cities’ greenhouse gas emissions. Common construction materials like steel and concrete are responsible for more than 30 percent of global resource consumption. The reality of the climate emergency means a whole reimagining of how we build and structure communities.

Reinventing Cities channels the innovation and creativity of businesses and individuals to illustrate the promise of cleaner, smarter development.

The first Reinventing Cities competition, launched in 2017, generated inspiring projects and proposals that will fundamentally change the way people live and work. Winning proposals included the largest wooden building in Iceland, the first zero carbon neighbourhood in Paris, the largest urban solar farm in Texas, and the first zero-carbon social-housing project in Italy.

Learn more about the Reinventing Cities competition visiting and find out how to help us create the sustainable cities of tomorrow, today.

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