Snøhetta wins design competition for Xingtai Grand Theatre

Georgina Johnston
30 Jan 2020

Situated in Xingtai, one of China’s oldest cities, the theatre will become a new landmark for the rapidly modernising city

As one of the fastest growing cities in the Hebei Province, the spatial layout of Xingtai’s old town is currently struggling to meet the needs of this rapid urban development. The new Grand Theatre is the anchor of a new master plan in Central and Southern parts of the Province, forming a new cultural monument.

Xingtai is looking towards the future while remaining grounded in its rich history. The Grand Theatre is an important cultural initiative to carry forward this city’s legacy and culture.

K. T. Thorsen, Snøhetta founder. 

The design proposal goes beyond the prescribed site boundary, intentionally introducing a larger gesture, the Grand Circle Promenade. This includes not only the Grand Theatre, but a science and technology museum, a circular event plaza and the central eco-park, creating a generous space of interaction and creativity.

Physically, functionally and symbolically, this circular gesture unites and connects the different cultural programmes in the area; culture, science and nature, marking the area with its unique identity, while simultaneously fostering and instilling harmony to its surrounding environment. 

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