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2 West Water Street’s new waterfront residences resonate local historic setting

Georgina Johnston
03 Jan 2020

Andre Kikoski Architect Design transforms waterfront with a collection of distinct contemporary townhouses

Taking inspiration from the important historical heritage of this 312-year-old Hamptons village, they seamlessly blend Sag Harbor’s architectural legacy with innovative building materials and dramatic indoor and outdoor spaces that are designed to maximize western-facing views of the harbor.

We set out to create architecture that deeply resonates with this special village, and we wanted to make thoughtful buildings that would truly stand the test of time.

A. Kikoski, founding principal of Andre Kikoski Architect

Before any design started, Kikoski and his team looked at the physical characteristics of the village and took inspiration from its architectural language. By investigating the context, and distilling the essence of the site, the project takes a form that responds and amplifies the setting of Sag Harbor.

On a prominent site in this rapidly evolving Hamptons village, the project became a forum on the future of Sag Harbor, undergoing substantial scrutiny from both community residents and the Architectural Review Board (who summarily dismissed every prior proposal for this site over the preceding 13 years).  However, in just five months, Kikoski’s process delivered unanimous approval for the project from the Architectural Review Board; a testament to the careful analysis that the studio undertook to embrace the language, materiality, and spatiality of both the context and its community.

While respectful of the past, the project also looks forward. Particular attention was paid to the traditional heritage and craftsmanship of the area, with a special emphasis on innovation. The front facade is comprised of handmade artisanal bricks, reflecting the frontage of traditional houses of the area, and is set with industrially inspired metal casement windows. The frontage is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional scale and language of the small American village, and the back is a Miesian open facade with sleek structural sliding glass panels of unprecedented proportion and scale. The two styles unite to make the most of the site, granting a purposeful elegance to the architecture and its arrangement.

The massing of the townhouses is broken down across the site to give a human scale, permitting views of the water through open spaces between the buildings that are designed with plantings and pathways by celebrated landscape architect Hollander Design. They are arranged with deference and connect seamlessly to the neighboring Steinbeck Park, which is also crafted by Hollander Design.

Inside, bold and loft-like contemporary spaces offer sensational views of Sag Harbor Cove as well as to the private beach and two boat slips that accompany each residence. Laid out across four levels, each residence offers between 11,000 to 12,000 square feet of combined interior and exterior spaces. The houses align with an axis directed towards the water which forms each floor plan. The multi-story entry foyer with a sculptural staircase and glass elevator, the dramatic open-plan living room/dining room/kitchen with adjacent outdoor terrace and private rooftop pool, and six plus bedrooms, bathrooms, and suites are all designed with open glass facades that dissolve inside and outside to create a seamless connection between the site and nature.

Interiors are complemented by the use of high-quality materials and finishes and are rendered with handcrafted materials, exclusive furnishings by Giorgetti and Meridiani, and custom Boffi kitchens.

We chose textures and colors for the interiors that resonate with the sensibility of our facades. With an eye for elegance that is inviting and complements the true beauty of this site, we have created a truly sophisticated residence unlike any other in the Hamptons.

A. Kikoski. 

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