Parisian history and private housing

Katie Henry
28 Nov 2019

A selection of 25 private and social housing units and a 60-crib nursery to be built on vacant Parisian site.

The project on Rue Ofila reinterprets the porch of the Parisian courtyard through the principle of daylight and natural ventilation, revealing a planted block centre in contrast to the hard street elevation.

Built into a rectangular plot bordered by a protected green space and unobstructed views towards the Père Lachaise cemetery.

The aim of the proposed site layout is to develop an extensive clear view in order to maximise the light to all housing units and draw the landscape to the project's centre. The residents are provided with a living environment turned towards nature in the south oriented units towards the protected green space, as well as receiving high daylight exposure and clear views of the capital’s landscape.

The last two floors were developed as two separate entities to create maximum visual opening in continuity with the existing and the green space, with careful attention given to the proposed landscape.