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    Photos by Darrin Hunter, courtesy Dyer Brown

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    Photos by Darrin Hunter, courtesy Dyer Brown

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    Photos by Darrin Hunter, courtesy Dyer Brown


Mission-driven designs transform Universities

Katie Henry
20 Nov 2019

Dyer Brown announce completion of multi-year renovation projects on the campuses of multiple higher education institutions such as Boston University, Northeastern and Emory University.

The architecture and interiors firm is expanding its national portfolio of design and planning for colleges and universities through the completion of varied campus building projects for Emory University, Northeastern University and Boston University. Taking on these projects with more in the pipeline, the firm works to combine acclaimed design innovations with focused interpretations of the institutional mission of the client. 

Emory University, Campus Services Workplace Renovation

When creating a highly effective workplace for the Campus Services division of Emory University in Atlanta, Dyer Brown worked with the client to create the three-building complex while reflecting four of Emory’s divisions: Finance & Business, Transportation, Public Safety and Planning, Design and Construction. The project involved two full facility renovations and a third building partial renovation containing workplaces responsible for core campus services and student facility services. 

Boston University, Office of Information Services and Technology

Dyer Brown began the renovation by working closely with department leaders to realign eight departments for hundreds of employees spread across Boston University. They conducted space analysis and relocation studies before redesigning and restaking workplaces to increase usage of 50,000 square feet of IS&T offices, open work areas, collaboration zones and support spaces. The result was twelve buildings being reduced to six as well as being organized and renovated with fresh new furnishings, appealing to staff and bolster recruitment and retention. 

Northeastern University, Media Services and Faculty Offices

Dyer Brown worked to develop facility solutions, such as engaging stakeholders and building consensus on early-phase design solutions. The projects comprise of two workplace areas for student circulation and faculty offices, and the schools Media Services location with an added marker space and two academic rooms. The new facility is designed with custom millwork prints and offers lay down and storage solutions for photography equipment, as well as virtual-reality and multimedia classrooms. The areas are fitted with advanced technologies and an operable partition opening, separated by a glass with a smart film switchable to opaque or clear in order to optimize visibility and flexibility. It’s made with industrial-inspired finishes such as butcher block surfaces, wood baffles and a storefront partition opening the spaces to nearby student circulation zones. 

Northeastern University, Orientation Department Offices and Frost Lounge

Dyer Brown redesigned the Frost Lounge to create an essential student life area that is cost-effective and offers highly beneficial, mission-focused solutions. Supporting more flexible uses and creating a stronger impression for first-year arrivals, made with new furnishings and finishes in a bold and highly contemporary look. 

These projects across leading higher education institutions build on the firm’s success in workplace architecture and strategic interiors, adding to Dyer Brown’s growing portfolio mission-driven architecture and design projects.

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