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Singapore sport from Pomeroy Studio

Katie Henry
06 Nov 2019

Award-winning sustainable design firm, Pomeroy Studio, masterplans Kallang Alive: an innovative recreation and entertainment precinct in Singapore.

The award-winning Singapore-based interdisciplinary sustainable design firm is to create an 89- hectare sports and recreation-oriented masterplan in Singapore, through a collaboration with national sporting body, Sport Singapore. It is planned to be one of the world’s most sustainable sport and recreation precincts, as the designers and thought leaders of sustainable-built environments are the lead masterplanners, creating it through a collaboration with global infrastructure and transport engineers, Arup. 

It will contain a host of sports and entertainment related facilities, including a state-of-the-art football hub and tennis centre for the community and international tournaments. It will also feature a Youth Hub in which considerations for a velodrome, speed climbing facilities and BMX sport are being proposed. There are plans to redevelop the Kallang Theatre into a sport, entertainment and lifestyle centre. There have been proposals for the waterfront along Jalan Benaan Kapal to become a green community space called Benaan Kapal Green. The final project in the works is the Alive Gateway and Loop, which seeks to trace the precincts circular airfield heritage as well as linking key attractions by a walking and cycling path interfacing with Singapore's Park Connector Network.

The proposed circular “loop” encapsulates the sites’ unique aviation history, explained by Prof. Jason Pomeroy, founding principal of Pomeroy Studio.

We are celebrating the circular geometry of the airfield as a walking and cycling loop that undulates through varied landscapes, and links up the waterfront, across Stadium Boulevard and potentially Nicoll Highway. The loop will form a heightened means of mobility for everyone visiting the various sports, entertainment, and recreational venues within the Kallang Alive precinct, and will thus, re-establish a new gathering point; though this time for the community, as well as many a Star of track, field, court or stage.

Prof. Jason Pomeroy, founding principal of Pomeroy Studio

Working with Singapore’s drive to be both a garden city and a car-lite smart nation, the masterplan will integrate a vibrant “people’s park” composed of foliated waterfront boardwalks, wetlands, and parklands, that embraces nature’s environmental benefits of temperature reduction, carbon sponge, and storm water attenuation. It also seeks to cultivate the use of smart green technology to enhance user experience, as well as the development of green technologies that comfort control the temperature and humidity of walking and cycling.