WIN Awards 2019: Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in the Interior products category

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30 Oct 2019

Scroll down for all the details and stunning images that formed these outstanding award entries from the WIN Awards 2019 Interior products category.

Interior Products

Gold: Gensler, Atelier

When Gensler decided to relocate its London office, we researched and tested a number of furniture solutions that would suit the agile needs of our highly diverse and creative workforce. Unable to find a product that truly reflected the way we wanted to work, we collaborated with Fantoni to design Atelier. A highly flexible furniture solution, Atelier was created in response to situations of constant flux within the workplace.

We've taken all of our learnings from designing workplaces for the past 50 years along with our wealth of research, to design a system which satisfies the complex needs of today's workforce, whilst anticipating the ever-evolving needs of tomorrow's workforce. It successfully combines a multiplicity of spatial functions, offering functional durability and economic efficiency. The modular structure easily adapts to technological advances and to the demands of a constantly-evolving workplace.

Ultimately, Atelier provides ultimate flexibility and can be reconfigured without the need for complex or lengthy installations. Agile working environments can be quickly provided for staff members who need privacy for concentration and focused work.

Atelier supports the notion of 'always in beta', enabling Gensler, as a pilot project, to trial work settings and continually adjust and improve them according to the changing business environment. The real differentiator of this system is that it facilitates and empowers a creative ecosystem.

Atelier challenges the paradigm of traditional office furniture solutions; it's no longer about asking individuals to adapt to their workplace, but enabling the workplace to adapt to individual and team needs.

Silver: Nulty Bespoke, Oculus lights

Nulty Bespoke has completed the design and installation of several custom luminaires for the newly refurbished Mayfair offices of global mining and metal company Vedanta.

Tasked with turning the sculptured Corian ceiling into a stunning diffused light feature, Nulty Bespoke has installed sun and moon LED luminaires throughout the communal areas of the office and meeting rooms, creating a dramatic feature ceiling that is sensor activated and supports the multi-purpose office space. The oculus shaped light features enhance the space creating an extra layer of depth and adding additional drama to the interiors.

Each lighting piece is sealed into the ceiling for a flush finish. The metal frame surrounding the domes are finished to match the Corian ceiling and complemented by a matt acrylic vacuum formed diffuser. Punctuating the edge are gloss black bespoke downlights that project pools of light below and replicate shafts of daylight pouring into the space.

The luminaires are individually controllable and project a dynamic white light and RGB effect across the surface. Pixel-based colour change effects can be turned on for events, providing the space with further flexibility.

Bronze: II By IV Design, ZED / HED Collection

Graphic angles and clean lines make a bold statement in the ZED/HED Collection. Inspired by the timeless elegance of modern architecture and blazing energy of lightning strikes, both ZED and HED light fixtures can be used independently or combined in illimitable configurations, only restricted by the imagination. Innovative LED technology and high quality fabrication techniques were used to create a flawlessly even glow that flows to the edge of each fixture. Urban in attitude yet elegant in appearance, this collection shows how industrial proficiency and design excellence can result in a product that becomes both lighting fixture and sculptural art.

Inspired by the strong, clean lines of modern architecture and lightning strikes, the ZED/HED Collection features bold designs that exude and illuminate confidence. The collection features two pendant luminaires: ZED and HED, which are designed to be used in any way imaginable. The motif of ZED/HED takes inspiration from one of the strongest forces in nature, the powerful and transient lightning bolt.

Urban in attitude yet modern and chic in appearance, the ZED/HED Collection shows how industrial proficiency and design excellence can result in a product that becomes both lighting fixture and sculptural art. Authentically designed and manufactured in Canada, ZED and HED brilliantly meets the needs of being a lighting fixture that luminously exudes style and utility. Unlock unlimited design possibilities with ZED and HED, rethinking light, while creating opportunity and innovation through design excellence.

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