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    CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK) win the Bronze award in the Residential Developments category

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    It's Gold for Kirsten Schwalgien Design, for their Loft BuresQ project in the One-off Homes, Large & Small category

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    Tollgård Design Group take home the Silver award in the One-off Homes, Large & Small category


WIN Awards 2019: Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in the Residential design categories

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30 Oct 2019

Scroll down for all the details and stunning images that formed these outstanding award entries from the WIN Awards 2019 Residential design categories.

Residential Developments

Gold: Mason Studio, Jing’an Prime Land Residences, China Resources

The Jjng’an townhomes express how essentialism redefines accepted notions of luxury within the traditional urban context of Shanghai, China. The residences were completed in August of 2018 and are designed with a minimal design approach for multi-generational families. Named after a two-thousand-year-old temple, the Jing’an district is deeply rooted in culture and tradition and is the physical and symbolic center of the community. As the city continues to densify, this project provides families with an alternative to the commonly-seen condominium typology, challenging the conventional aesthetics of ornamentation. The development is comprised of 180 residential units, each a three-level townhome. Two types of residences, Townhome A (214sqm) and Townhome B (180sqm), are stacked on-top of one another and accessed either at ground level, or by a dedicated elevator from private underground parking. Two fully furnished model suites were completed, demonstrating methods in which the interior layout supports the functions of modern, multi-generational family life. In the heart of the historic district, the interior design is a pure and minimal expression of extravagance. The environments prioritize natural light, and use the highest quality finishes. The material selections are distilled to only three essentials: wood, marble, and hand-troweled plaster. Through this reduction, the quality and artistry of the refined detailing become the true emphasis. The refined construction detailing, and minimal use of finishes express how essentialism redefines traditional notions of luxury. Each townhouse is created to be a lasting home for generations; one that values quality and craftsmanship over ostentation.

Silver: Shenzhen Innest Art Co, Jingrui Majestic Mansion Club

The project is designed for our client, Jingrui Holdings, which has now become the top 40 real estate enterprises in China. It covers an area of 2700sqm and was completed in January 2019.

The project takes “instant and eternity” as the main theme, integrating the instant change of nature and a variety of elements of rivers and lakes while combining the past and contemporary design trends as well as innovative technology, design theme and living comfort to redefine a club with both contemporary artistic quality and humanity.

The project has several design highlights. For example, The model of the whole area is 6 meters high, where you can see the dynamic art installation-the sculpture Rise and Fall which is about 27 meters long and 6 meters wide. Designers draw inspiration from the river and integrate the rhythm, flow, shape and change of nature in this vibrant sculpture. It is combined with 820 OLED square lights, which looks like the rivers eventually merging into the spectacular sea.

The metal screen surrounding the negotiation area, exclusive area and children’s area is one of the highlights in the space. The overall shape of it is arranged in an orderly arrangement of bronze stainless steel, with transparent wavy acrylic embedded in it and LED light strip at the top of it, which enhances its unique texture while enrich the light layers in space, as the glowing rays on the Yangtze River.

Bronze: CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK), Wuhan Vanke Erqi

As it is located in the future core business district of Wuhan and behind the international quality first brand district, the design is more appealing to the material and the space and spirit are guided by the wisdom of oriental living. A simple box has been selected to be the concept.

Inspired by the ancient Chinese royal family and aristocrats, the hidden treasures of the mysterious box, there are also books and treasures, its unique charm lies in the variety of structure and change, in addition to the collection of treasures are also convenient to carry. As it is located in the future core business district of Wuhan and behind the international quality first brand district, the design is more appealing to the material and the space and spirit are guided by the wisdom of oriental living. A simple box has been selected to be the concept. Ingenious, multi-dimensional combinations in space, using space to sing in the process of combination.

The current apartment sales office has a showcase function and a future owner's clubhouse as a permanent use. The space has the versatility to be considered for the update of the reservation function for different time periods. The spatial orientation combines the traditional oriental culture and the modern innovation force to meet the gathering of the elites of the new generation of cities, and also meets the aggregation and collision of the culture, fashion, design and dreams brought by them in the new field, in a flexible and fun spatial form.

One-off Homes, Large & Small

Gold: Kirsten Schwalgien Design, Loft BuresQ

Loft BuresQ, completed in April 2019, is a residential project designed by Kirsten Schwalgien Design (KSD) in Barcelona, Spain. Situated in the heart of Eixample neighborhood, the building boasts unique architectural features such as stained glass windows and carved stone sculptures making it an excellent example of Catalan Modernist architecture. The loft 1 (240sqm) on the ground floor was bought with an intention to adapt its historic space to contemporary use as a habitable, sophisticated home. Working on this concept KSD separated the master bedroom from the living area with a wooden clad box construction which would house the walk-in closet and guest bathroom. All original beams and pillars supporting the 4m-high ceiling remained exposed and the layout of rooms was developed around them. Gallery featuring industrial glass windows was included for additional sound and visual protection.

Almost all the furniture was designed custom and tailored to the place and person, not only in size but also in context, legacy and aesthetics.

For the key materials KSD chose to combine veneered varnished open poor chestnut, natural stone and original brick. The dark green Indian marble was paired with elements in untreated brass that will change over time, darken and develop a beautiful patina.

Finally, KSD focused on specific qualities and tactility of materials, alternating textures cold with warm, glossy with raw, soft and hard. The finishes of all materials were meticulously orchestrated to ensure tactility and timelessness.

Silver: Tollgård Design Group, FANØ

Fanø tells a story of the creative connections that realised a client’s dream of a sand-dune retreat in the Danish archipelago. Completed in March 2018, Tollgård designed the interiors alongside renowned architect Knud Holscher.

The red thread, or design DNA, was the visual and visceral connection with a uniquely Danish landscape. Architecturally, the simple and beautiful construction coexists harmoniously with the surrounding landscape and neighbouring structures. Internally, comfortable, functional minimalism allows the clients to enjoy every space to its fullest and detach from city life. The minimal, poetic palette of the 300sqm summer house was curated to reflect and lionise the raw beauty of the dunes and seascape beyond, while taking the demands of family life into account. The continuous use of a robust, textured tiles enlarge the inter-connected spaces and ensures fitness for purpose. Exposed brickwork on the chimney breast expresses the Scandinavian tenet of truth to materials. Together with Copenhagen-based atelier KBH, pieces of functional sculptures were executed in solid oak to link spaces and encourage family connections through shared pursuits. Furniture was chosen from Danish heroes past and present to delight through design and laid out to promote the power of personal connections.

Fanø is a place to decompress, to connect with nature, to spend time with family and friends: to look at the bigger, more important picture. These were the client’s hopes and dreams for their sand-dune retreat. The amount of time they are drawn back to it is testimony to its success.

Bronze: i29 interior architects in collaboration with: Chris Collaris, Tiny Holiday home

With a footprint of only 55sqm this house still has a luxurious feel of space, and all around panoramas to the surrounding nature.

This compact home is built for a family of four, including a living room, a kitchen/dining room, a patio, three bedrooms, one bathroom and two toilets. The layout is developed from the inside-out, the smart arrangement of functions make use of every sq cm.

Situated on an elongated island plot close to the lake, the positioning of the building volume is related to the views on the surrounding water and the orientation on the sun. By dividing the volume into four parts, the panoramic views and the invading sunlight become very specific.

A smart arrangement of functionalities defined the layout of this tiny home. Four separate volumes are interconnected around one central patio which result in an efficient layout, using integrated custom furniture.

Each volume has its own program, while the boundaries between inside and outside are being blurred due to large expanses of glass. On the outside the diversity in size and the interconnected positioning create a sculptural image, looking different from every angle. On the inside, the dimensions and ceiling heights of the different volumes clearly articulate the separate areas and functions in the house. Long sight lines crossing the outside patio provide a visual connection.

We made use of simple materials like natural oak wooden panels -or stained black to combine with the rough pinewood facade- and a continuing polished concrete floor.

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